…since Red Dwarf had a studio audience recording. Well, they’re back at it from 6pm tonight.

This time, G&T won’t be there, despite being part of a shady cabal that secretly controls the world of Red Dwarf, but thanks to some secret agents in the field, we’re hoping to have some form of cobbled together set report up over the weekend. Until then, please use the comments on this article to post any interesting tit-bits you’ve spotted on social media, whilst of course remaining mindful of the spoiler policy.

By the way, are you or someone you know going to this recording? Or any other recording? If so, and if you wouldn’t mind jotting down a few thoughts over the weekend afterwards, do get in touch.

In other, wholly unrelated, news, we noticed that our YouTube channel was far too barren to justify its new shiny button, but we liked the button, so we’ve chucked all the videos from our dusty Downloads section into a handful of playlists. All hail the button.

You know what? It’s weird. Despite all the official confirmation, the unofficial social media teasers, and the fact that everyone’s been banging on about audience tickets for two months now, Red Dwarf XI and XII still don’t feel real. They don’t feel tangible. I’ve a feeling that will all change within the next 24 hours…

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  • If it wasn’t real that would be a bigger April fools gag then even Holy could cook up. Honestly the thing that made it feel more real for me was seeing Kyten’s fantastic new mask, which was by far the best we’ve seen since his series 5 and 6 masks. I just hope the scripts similarly follow as being the best we’ve seen in over 2 decades.

  • More from Seb on twitter:

    “So I’m being careful to try and manage expectation here, but I can only say that more than anything, last night’s ep would have fit in V.

    Properly funny, really tightly (and cleverly) plotted, and with a sequence that’s genuinely, surprisingly, scary.

    Obviously won’t know for sure until it comes out of the edit, but right now it feels like one of the absolute best eps since the comeback.”

    Andrew Ellard: “First #RedDwarf night. Good to start on a tight, funny four-guys-and-a-problem tale. Very struck by more dynamic lighting; series 4-6 style.”

  • Gazpacho Soup’s non-spoilery set report revealed a few interesting tidbits; tweaked sets, confirmation that Robert’s mask is no longer pony, and a brief description of the Starbug set that would indicate they’ve re-imagined it rather than going down the Back in the Red route and slavishly recreating the original. Also more interesting lighting and generally good vibes regarding plot, story structure etc. These next few months are going to feel like an eternity…

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