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    We all, I presume, know about the copy and pasted line “we have to go” of Kryten’s from Inquisitor to Back to Reality. Well I think I’ve found another.

    In Dimension Jump at 23mins, Rimmer says “oh my god” which sounds (to me at least) identical to Rimmer’s “oh my god” at 11:24 in Bodyswap.

    Now it could be Chris is just delivering the line in the exact same way. And unlike Back to Reality we actually see Chris speaking the line in Dimension Jump (conversely unlike Bodyswap where it’s ADR’d over Craig in the shower) but that doesn’t mean they didn’t take the ADR and reuse it, especially if there was an issue with the sound on that line in DJ that they wanted to correct.



    The Bodyswap one sounds higher pitched to me.

    Pete Part Three

    They were gonna sort that out in the dub.


    The Bodyswap one sounds higher pitched to me.

    I did wonder that, but then wondered whether the ambient noise was affecting how you hear it. In Bodyswap, he is in the shower and the water is running. They’ve clearly added an effect to make it sound like he is in a cubical with obviously running water. The water especially will be high / top end so that might make it sounds like the delivery of the line is higher pitched.

    Conversely, the DJ line is in the corridor with the low rumble of the engine in the background. So the reverse is true.

    Of course it could all be bollocks and I’m hearing things.


    Different for me, higher pitched in Bodyswap, though to my ear, everything seems a bit higher pitched from Chris in Bodyswap, but I hear a slightly different inflection personally. Bodyswap is sort of panic “get this stuff off me” and Dimension Jump is a more eye roll “what a big headed twat” delivery.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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