…and you thought our Blu-ray cover was bad! Here's the "dubious" edition!

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    Japanese release of Red Dwarf 1-8 on blu-ray confirmed for August 2nd. Here’s the Amazon.jp listing:


    The translation is superb:

    “Produced and broadcast on the British BBC since 1988, the popular Hachamecha SF comedy “Spaceship Red Dwarf” is very popular around the world.
    In Japan, the dubious edition includes Horiuchi Kensou, Ehara Masashi, Yamadera Koichi, and other voice actors, and it has been broadcast on NHK since 1998, and this work has recorded a high audience rating despite the late night, and finally Blu-raying !
    The Blu-ray BOX contains the original English version of HD Remastered under the supervision of Doug Nayler, the parent of the Spaceship Red Dwarf.
    The full version with the unreleased scenes of Japan being cut at the time of NHK broadcast!
    In addition, the bonus disc, re-recording the DVD-BOX recorded video bonus, as well as Japan’s first recording of Xtended version added a completely unreleased scene that had been cut in the UK broadcast!
    (Recording episode: Series 7 episode 1, episode 3, episode 4, series 8 episode 1, episode 2, episode 3)
    ※ There is no recording of Japanese dubbing in the Japanese unreleased scene.”



    That artwork isn’t too bad, save for the fact they use the wrong fucking ship again.

    Stick the BTE ship on there is they want to use a CGI model for the artwork, would look so much better



    The ‘dubious edition’ is excellent.

    (And I’ll get in first before someone else says that’s what they should have called the UK version of the set etc. etc.)


    International Debris

    Doug Nayler, the parent of the Spaceship Red Dwarf.

    The cover’s alright. Probably better than the UK one.



    Yeah, pencil ship aside, that actually looks quite classy.



    Its crap but in an understated way, which is better.

    That’s trusting a fart too much and leaving a mark on a pair of black underpants, ours is an explosive diarrhea attack on a white shagpile carpet.



    Much prefer the UK box, as far as the main artwork. Will be interested to see what they do with the rest of the packaging though. That’s where the UK set falls down a bit.

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