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    Danny Stephenson

    Therefore I presume it’s being shown on Sky Movies as well. Has anyone seen it yet? Any good?

    Pete Part Three

    It’s fucking awful.


    Nah, it wasn’t all that awful, just kind of ‘meh’. To be honest I didn’t mind it really, but then I just enjoyed seeing Chris Barrie in something new. Dennis Waterman too.

    Pete Part Three

    >I just enjoyed seeing Chris Barrie in something new. Dennis Waterman too.

    I have slightly higher criteria when I’m watching a film. And one that makes the, similarly themed, Shooting Fish look like a masterpiece isn’t going to float my boat.

    Seb Patrick

    So, it?s finally here. The movie, which I have been waiting to see since I discovered about its existence in mid July last year, is finally out in Apollo cinemas. And I was in one last night, for the 8:15pm showing. Was it worth it? Too bloody right it was!

    Even before I went in I had fears that this movie would prove not to be everything the teaser trailer had made it seem. Even the serious, plot setting, unfunny before introductory credits sequence made me feel nervous, although it gripped my attention. But then the intro credits and a familiar tune from the site (which I constantly checked for a release date) and I instantly relaxed.

    The story basically starts from where the British Space Industry has developed Explorer, a space rover with a revolutionary new robotic arm. As a result, other countries want it, and are willing to pay for it. Enter ex-conman, Lord William Spencer (Martin Kemp), his right-hand man and actor, Tom Marks (Chris Barrie), Will?s niece who works at the Space Centre, Fiona Spencer (Joanna Taylor) and Tom?s idiotic computer whiz son, Travis Marks (Stefan Booth). They want some of this money for themselves; the only problem is that they need Explorer to do it! So they devise a plan to get the Explorer and leg it with the cash.

    This movie has all the best parts from an action film, a background story, a mission, something valuable to get, goodies, baddies and a somewhat unorthodox car chase. But it still had funny bits in too! My favourite line comes from the sequence where Tom has disguised himself as a Space Centre employee, and is whacking a vending machine to get the attention of the security guard. The security guard tells him that whacking the left hand corner works, Tom does this, turns to the camera and shouts ?Thanks God!?

    I will admit the reasons they want Explorer disappointed me at first, but as the movie went on, it made sense and fitted in with the comedy extremely well. I didn?t look away from the screen once during the movie, and that is a first! Also afterwards we all commented that it hardly seemed like an hour and a half of movie, as the story flowed well, and the action made it fast and hard hitting. And it?s a British Movie as well! Oh, and during the first two minutes of end credits there were some outtakes, and I LOVE outtakes! Hopefully we?ll get some more on the DVD? And I love the music on this film, which is another reason why I kept going back to the site.

    The only thing I can say against it is that it might not appeal to some people who like sex gags. There weren?t too many sex jokes, although I might have missed a few more discrete ones. I?ll let you make up your mind if you go. Oh, and the speed of it might disappoint slightly if you like a slower pace in movie watching.

    I would recommend that you see this movie, if not at the cinema when it goes to DVD. This is a gem, seriously! I give it an 8/10!



    Ah Pete, but you see, I once sat through Boa Vs Python. Anything would look good after that.


    I once sat through ‘Zombie Strippers’, yeh.


    I’ve heard that it’s not that bad, just that the style of the movie is very dated.
    I’d like to see it out of curiosity but I don’t have Sky :-(

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