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    Ben Kirkham




    It seems that BBC Three is really beginning to feel the budget cuts now, and this is it’s latest (and, in my eyes, most tragic) victim.

    More here from broadcast news:

    “The current series of BBC3’s Being Human will be the last as the channel’s drama budget cuts begin to bite.

    Controller Zai Bennet said the fifth series of Touchpaper Television’s supernatural drama has been created as its swansong and that the time is right to find a new returnable brand.

    “It’s the final series of Being Human. It’s been made that way and written that way,” Bennett told Broadcast. “Shows can’t live forever on BBC3.”

    Created by Toby Whithouse, the programme has built a devoted following over its five series. It launched on BBC3 in February 2008 with a cast led by Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow, and has attracted audiences of up to 1.61m (5.73%).

    Recent series have seen Being Human’s main characters change and the final series, which launched on Sunday 3 February, features an entirely fresh line-up of ghouls.

    Touchpaper’s managing director Rob Pursey said he was sad that the show was ending. “It was always full of fresh ideas and we’re proud to have kept it strong with new actors, for five series.”

    He would not reveal any spoilers about the show’s finale, but said it was one of his creative highlights from the whole five series. He added: “I’m proud of the ending, it’s reflects the true spirit of the show, mixing the fantastical with the very real.”

    BBC3’s budget was cut by 20% to under £60m as part of the Delivering Quality First savings initiative, meaning Bennett will now only be able to commission one drama series a year from 2014.

    He is currently examining developments for this opening, including one from Touchpaper, but a supernatural theme is not necessarily on his shopping list.

    “Drama was the biggest change [in DQF] and that’s a shame. One a year doesn’t feel like a drama strategy. If there is reinvestment in BBC I will be banging the drum and saying I would love to have three dramas a year,” Bennett said.”


    I must admit, I think they should have killed it off two series ago. It wasn’t the same without all three of the original cast.

    Lexo Ross

    So no more Being Human, no more Mongrels, I sure hope they don’t cancel Russell Howard or lose the rights to Family Guy or I won’t have a reason to tune into BBC3 anymore.


    I’ll have to go with redhead85 on this one, it wasn’t just a loss of the original cast though, some episodes were so unbelievably boring.
    It’s a VERY rare occurance that I switch off in the middle of something, regardless of how terrible it is, but the last series especially saw my attention wandering and I usually buggered off to do something else.

    An unfortunate end to what was a very good show.


    Loved series one. Didn’t watch series two. Liked series three. Didn’t watch series four. Have yet to look at series five. I did enhoy the (red button?) Spin-off Becoming Human.

    So, er, yeah. Great pool of acting talent, but I’ve never been compelled to watch every episode.


    My hubby will be let down. He really enjoys this series. Hopefully, the ending won’t be as grossly disappointing as LOST. I can’t think of anything else that has been, honestly.

    Pete Part Three

    Watched the first series but gave up part-way through the second. Just seemed to take itself a bit too seriously and lacked the wit of Buffy or Misfits.

    >I sure hope they don’t cancel Russell Howard or lose the rights to Family Guy or I won’t have a reason to tune into BBC3 anymore.

    I might start watching.


    I watched up to episode five. I enjoyed what I saw, I wouldn’t say it lacked wit, and the last episode I saw ended on an interesting cliffhanger. Didn’t really grip me though. Though, that’s the same with Misfits. I think I just came along too late to both shows and I don’t have the drive to catch up.

    > I might start watching.

    You might start watching, not because of what is on but what ISN’T?

    Pete Part Three

    >You might start watching, not because of what is on but what ISN’T?

    It would indicate that they’re no longer relying on shite, weirdly popular, comedy shows …which would at least get my attention.


    I watched the first three series and then couldn’t summon up the enthusiasm to watch after the cast changes.


    I bloody love Misfits. My love is also helped by the fact that my friend’s partner played Alisha – she’s even more gorgeous in real life!


    Not watched Being Human but that Zai Bennet seems to be doing everything he can do to run BBC Three into the ground.


    While this is sad news I reckon it’s highly likely that Toby Whithouse would have ended it this year, regardless of the budget cuts (perhaps for more adventures in time and space…). Five series’ is a great run and there’ve been truly amazing moments throughout.

    Ben Kirkham

    Well, Sunday night’s episode was fantastic. I’ve always loved this series and I think it’s one of the most finely written shows on British TV. Last year could have been a complete failure with the dramatic cast turnaround, but I think it was well-handled, and the current cast work together brilliantly. Such a shame that we won’t be seeing any more. I can still see so many directions they can take it down.

    Sunday night’s episode was funny, incredibly moving, quite harrowing in places and even downright scary in places. If it’s going to end, let it end with a bang. And Phil Davis’ guest turn as Captain Hatch is downright sinister.

    A tremendous series. I hope it continues to be great throughout its final run.

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