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    Snippets from Bobby’s new series ‘Car Pool’, featuring Danny John Jules, Ed Bye and more… I’ll let you see for yourself ;o)



    looks like a great series with some great guests cant wait to see them in full


    Danny Stephenson

    G&T Admin

    AH! I remember this! Awesome idea, I hope the sound isn’t like that all the time, though…



    Why no onscreen credit for Maria McErlene (sp?)

    And if Kevin and Perry was one of Ed Bye’s movies, what was the other? And which was the hit and which was the flop?


    Pete Part Three

    Fat Slags, presumably.



    >Fat Slags, presumably

    he directed that,oh dear what was he thinking



    That would answer the other question, then. Having said that – Kevin and Perry? A hit?


    Danny Stephenson

    G&T Admin

    Didn’t he also do the recent Carry On film?



    I think he is doing Carry on London soon.


    Pete Part Three

    Was number 1 at the box-office in 2000. I guess that qualifies as a hit.

    And it’s not actually that bad.


    Danny Stephenson

    G&T Admin

    Kevin and Perry is one of those film which was massively popular at the time, but aged very quickly.

    I still enjoy it, but it’s not an amazing film. IMHO.



    >Didn?t he also do the recent Carry On film?

    i read somewhere hes lined up to do it but hasnt it been close to production for a number of years and nothing has come of it … wait have i heard this somewhere before :/



    Bobby is filming one with Jo Brand today.



    The whole idea of the new Carry On London seems so so bad. Especially when they’re throwing names like Shane Richie and Vinnie Jones around for the ‘stars’. I DO like London but I hate the way London and Londoners are portrayed onscreen for the masses. I often wonder (well OK, not that often) if New Yorkers feel the same way about how they’re shown on film.



    > I hate the way London and Londoners are portrayed onscreen for the masses. I often wonder (well OK, not that often) if New Yorkers feel the same way about how they?re shown on film.

    I hate the way people around the world thinks all of England talks cockney. Nearly all films which show an English person show them as a cockney, I don’t get it, I guess the North doesn’t exist. Its when a country is seen as whole just by the main city, not right!



    I secretly suspect the cockney prejudice is on the producers/casting directors thinking that for some reason, no one will recognize a UK accent if it isn’t full-on cockney. But you have a domestic prejudice too, I think, how else to explain the cast of BB who are cast specifically for accents that make normal residents go wha?!

    I promise you though, there are people out there who find the accent smorgasboard of Corrie just delightful.



    The cast of BB???



    >The cast of BB???
    big brother i presume * sigh * why anyone would watch that is far beyond me … but if you dont mean big brother then i apolagise



    I once had to live with someone with a Northern Ireland accent. Basically this –

    I actually wish I had a strong, annoying accent. OK, maybe I don’t. Probably some people would think my accent IS strong. And annoying. Fuck ’em, I say, in the fanny. I do find myself oddly speaking with more of a Lancashire accent when I’m around my parents. Why the heck I should have to please them, if only subconsciously, I don’t know? My dad is so Lancashire he really does say ‘th’ambulance’ and ‘th’internet’ as though it’s normal human behaviour and not part of some sort of pseudo-northern Peter Kay-devised legislation. My Mum still does buy crap pop, even though I’m not there to drink it (except when I go round…). And yes, that fine rain that soaks you through DOES exist.



    >The cast of BB???

    Black Books



    Bugs Bunny?



    Backyard Blitz?
    Band of Brothers?
    Basil Brush?
    Battle B-Daman?
    Bill and Ben?
    Bob the Builder?
    The Brady Brides?
    The Brady Bunch?
    Brady’s Beasts?
    Break the Bank?
    Breaking Bonaduce?

    Everybody loves wikipedia.



    Nobody loves a smart arse.



    *types smart are comment*


    *deletes smart arse comment*




    >*types smart are comment*




    I did actually start typing something, something along the lines of “I like me”.



    Big Boys in Boots. No wait, that’s B3.



    No, B3 is the nickname of the American home brew shop ‘Beer, beer and More Beer’


    Danny Stephenson

    G&T Admin

    B3 is the nickname of the American home brew shop ?Beer, beer and More Beer?

    That would technically be 2B+B? :)



    Or is it B B+B(n)?



    (B^2)+(B^x), (x=1,2,…,n)


    Danny Stephenson

    G&T Admin

    woo nerd arguments!!!



    Ed Bye’s Carpool is up on Itunes incidentally. Go watch immediately.



    Just spotted this amongst Bobby’s Twitterings…

    Done Danny and Craig. Doing Chris B next week and Doug Naylor the week after. Hopefully doing short bit in character

    Having already seen Danny’s, I don’t know what I’m more excited about – Doug Naylor, or the bit in character.


    Tarka Dal

    I’m not used to the controls in Carbug 2, I learned to drive in Carbug 1.



    Craig Charles is up this week, absolutely hilarious. Obviously done during filming, lots of Dwarfiness, loved the explanation of where the rest of the Red Dwarf crew could be… ;D



    I had completely forgotten about this, but watched it last night when G&T was down. Very entertaining – possibly my joint favourite with Jo Brand.

    Bobby tweeted recently that Chris Barrie is up on carpool this Fri.

    EDIT: Yup, thar y’go



    Norman? That’d be interesting…


    Stephen Abootman

    Worlds are colliding! Bobby’s (not) getting upset!


    Pete Part Three

    I guess Jerry doesn’t read Ganymede and Titan either. What a tosser.



    that reminds me, it’s Seinfeld’s 30th anniversary today. the first episode aired on July 5th 1989….actually kinda weird to think Red Dwarf and Seinfeld were on at the same time, they both feel like they’re from completely different eras. although seinfeld is sort of timeless



    Never watched Seinfeld.


    Plastic Percy

    I hold Kramer responsible for the hipster revival. Except Kramer was cool.


    International Debris

    si, do yourself a favour and watch the whole lot in order. Now.


    Taiwan Tony

    Seconded. Stick with it. It gets better.
    Then it’s amazing.
    Then you might as well stop watching when you get near the end.



    Yeah, it seems to have become fashionable to shit on Seinfeld lately, but during that middle period of around series 3-7 it’s absolutely great.


    Taiwan Tony

    It got to a point when I realised I wasn’t enjoying every episode. I think it just ran out of steam. Another difficult hurdle was the applause on Kramer’s entry. Still one of the best things ever made, though. I must have been in an overly cynical mood yesterday.



    The audience applauding Kramer’s arrival at thw door literally lasts about two or three episodes before Larry David puts a stop to it so it can’t have been that difficult a hurdle.


    Pete Part Three

    I think there’s some standout episodes as late as Season 8 (“The Yadda Yadda” for one), but Season 9 is pretty wonky throughout.

    Never really got Kramer, and the applause for him grates even more because of that. George is one of the greatest comedy characters of all time, mind.



    I’d also put forward the notion that Curb is even better. Just a fantastic TV show.


    Taiwan Tony

    Hence the word hurdle, I guess. But it was very difficult to listen to. It stood out as being very shit. I seem to recall his entrance being shit for about a season. 5 or 6. Applause, unearned laughter. Just my opinion though. I might think it lasts longer than it does because of how terrible it is.
    Another mid season difference to my ears (this is my own opinion klaxon) was when Andy Ackerman first took over as director. There seemed like the introduction of canned laughter. Laughter at nothing… But that didn’t last long. I watched it a couple of years ago for the first time in 15 years or so, so I’m not claiming to be an expert.
    What did you think of the final season(s) of Curb’s original run, Dave? I don’t remember it being brilliant. I thought a couple were a bit shit. The orgasmy car… Was that the same as the periscope car? (Car Poo, more like!) Nothing on “beloved cunt”


    International Debris

    Seasons 8 and 9 of Seinfeld are obviously below par compared to the huge run of near-perfection that came before them, but there’s still not an episode I would skip. Every one has a number of incredible jokes and huge laughs in it.



    I actually loved Curb all the way through, I thought the shifts in location and focus helped to keep it fresh, as did stuff like bringing in JB Smoove as a regular.

    I vaguely remember the season with Michael J Fox as having a couple of slightly weak episodes, but all the stuff with Fox himself was gold (, Jerry), and the payoff at the end with the violin scene had me crying with laughter.

    The most recent series was pretty good too, I thought.


    Taiwan Tony

    Definitely agree that Michael J. Fox was a highlight.
    I had a thought: Red Dwarf and Seinfeld are the only DVD extras I’ve watched more than once.

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