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    When I hauled my beautiful ass* out of bed this morning at around 10am, Craig Charles was trending on Twitter. He’d appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning (just after half eight, I think), primarily as part of the 6music Tenth Anniversary thing, but from what I can gather, Red Dwarf had it’s moment of glory as well, with a classic clip, and mention of the new series.
    The number of Tweets from people who knew absolutely nothing about Red Dwarf X is amazing. I’ll admit my first thought was ‘how can you NOT KNOW, you idiots??!’ But it is heartwarming that so many people are looking forward to this series. Craig’s words on BBC Breakfast this morning may seem to be the best publicity the series has had in some time.
    Other, non RDX related tweets concerning Craig, mentioned the fact that he seemed a bit sweaty and excitable. Some of these Tweets referred to his unfortunate habits of a few years back, though I know he was doing one of his famous DJ sets in the wee hours this morning…

    Anyhoo, as Breakfast doesn’t seem to be on the iPlayer, and I’m yet to find a clip on YouTube yet, if anyone finds a clip online anywhere, could someone post it here? Cheers. :)

    *not factually accuarate


    That’s right, Simon, make all your grammatical errors and typos in the post you can’t edit…

    Danny Stephenson

    I dont think RDX has had much scope outside of the Dwarf fandom, really. I’ve not seen any mention it only from fans on Twitter/Facebook pages. Not much ‘news’ from papers and the like.


    Probably down to the secrecy of the thing to stop spoilers getting out. Now they’re all recorded, and i imagine once the screenings are done, then the publicity machine will be fired up. Dave are actually one of the better channels for advertising their new shows.


    Hello all.

    I was looking to see if this interview’s gone up anywhere as well, but nothing yet. If anyone can take a recording off a freeview box, they’re very welcome to borrow mine.

    I missed the first part of the interview at 8.45, but recorded the 9.40 one. I thought it was really nice and relaxed, and covered a lot in just 5 minutes, although mainly about the 6Music anniversary. Craig mentioned that they’d just filmed 6 new episodes of RD, that they’ll air in September, and worldwide, and with the live audience, and that it’s been going 25 years but the format will be the same as the originals The clip was Lister’s 5 year plan from the first episode.

    I’ll transcribe the Red Dwarf bit, in case anyone’s interested.

    I did email BBC Breakfast to ask if they’d repeat the interview at a more convenient hour – didn’t hear anything back though. It’s a shame the breakfast programme isn’t on iPlayer.

    I think this interview is the first time I’d heard the new series mentioned on TV. None of the fans I’ve spoken to had heard about the new series till I mentioned it, as they’re not on twitter or forums.


    its not there yet but it may be up tomorow



    Will be great if it is put up! I’ll put the transcript here in case it’s not.

    BBC Breakfast programme (on BBC News channel) Saturday 10th March 2012, 9.41 – 9.46 am
    Craig Charles: Presenter, 6Music. Interviewed by Louise Minchin and Charlie Stayt.

    The main part of the interview is about the 10th anniversary of the BBC Radio 6 Music station, then it goes on to…

    [LM] Yes, it’s got a good cult listening as well, hasn’t it?

    [CC] Well it is, but I’ve always been involved in cults, you know everything that… [Yes you have!] Robot Wars, Red Dwarf, Takeshi’s Castle. It’s kind of everything’s all…never mainstream.

    [LM] The most brilliant news for Red Dwarf fans, of which, you know, I certainly was one. You’re going back to it! You’ve done some more!

    [CC] We’ve just finished a six part series. It goes out in September, and it goes out all over the world. It’s been sold to about 40 countries, and it’s done in front of a live audience again, so it’s a bit like being in a play on telly.

    [LM] For old time’s sake, should we have a little look at it?

    [CC] Oh, go on.

    — Clip from ‘The End’ —

    [CS] Craig, give us a little insight. The joys of sci-fi, I suppose, is that time may not have passed. I mean, are you older in the programme?

    [CC] Oh yeh, we are older, yeh. It comes back to like twenty years later, and looking at that, see how much I’ve aged. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I think, you haven’t aged that much? But, look at that and I really, really have, haven’t I? I was a baby!

    [CS] You said 1987?

    [CC] 1987. There’s 25 years since Red Dwarf happened…

    [LM] And, is it the same cast?

    [CC] Same cast, same writer, everything, it’s like all of us back on board. Looking for a way home, and a really hot curry.

    [LM] And you’re going back to Corrie as well?

    [CC] I go back to Corrie at the end of the month, yeh. they were really nice Corrie to let me off, they gave me 3 months off to go and do the new Red Dwarf, so I’ll be back at Corrie at the end of the month, so Happy Days.

    [LM] You’re busy aren’t you!

    [CS] And, Craig was DJing until 2 O’clock this morning.

    [CC] The first interview I did at 8.40, I wasn’t even awake. I didn’t have my cravat on or anything like that, I thought it was a dream.


    That’s great, Clare, thanks a lot. Some of us haven’t seen breakfast TV since leaving school. :)


    Thanks Clare! (:


    Okay, on a related note, I’ve just read a Tweet which says that Craig’s gonna be on Loose Women tomorrow. Now, I don’t know if this is true, and I can’t stand Loose Women, so I really don’t know if I dare check ITV tomorrow afternoon. But if it *is* true, we all know that Craig can’t keep his mouth shut, so who knows what RDX goss he might let slip?


    He’ll be too busy explaining to the airheaded douchebags who host that show what a robot is, or who that whacky guy with the H tattoo on his head is. He won’t have time to actually let any spoilers out.


    I’ve put this interview up on YouTube now, if anyone wants to see it.


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