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    I’m watching the whole thing series by series and I can’t keep track of when Craig’s teeth changed…In the earlier series they look like a broken keyboard, but then by the time of series 5/6 he must have had some work done cos they’re not as bad…perhaps cos of his raised profile?

    And then there’s the one-piece dentures he’s wearing nowadays, which render him almost unrecognisable and barely able to speak. Does anyone know when he had what bits done?

    It seems an odd thing focus on, I know. I’m just trying to work out why he looks so different now and i think it’s this/these

    Plastic Percy

    Kryten made him a cap for his broken tooth from the skeleton in the Medi-Bay.


    I don’t think Craig looks that different. Honestly, if I had to rank the main cast in order of who’s aged best, it’d go:

    Danny > Craig > Chris > Norman > Robert

    Danny cause he looks great, he just has to wear wigs which I think he’s done ever since Series 5

    Craig has only gotten fat, everything else he’s basically same its just his accent has lessened, but really why wouldn’t it he’s been on a ship for half his life with three people that don’t have scouse accents

    Chris is fine its just he has to wears wigs like Danny

    Norman looks old but like others have said he always has looked old, he started playing Holly in his late 40s anyway, and I’ve warmed up to his cosmetic appearance in Skipper (just get better lighting next time)

    Robert, if he were playing a character without makeup like Danny, Craig, Chris, and Norman; they’d have to do a lot of makeup. Luckily, he just has to be Kryten which involves covering his entire face. So really, Robert has aged the best actually


    I’d assume that you mean that Danny his been wearing wigs since Death in Paradise series 5, as I know for certain that he still uses his real hair for Red Dwarf.

    Ben Saunders

    Bobby Llew does look nothing at all like Robert Llewellyn anymore now, does he? It’s astounding. He doesn’t look bad by any means, he just looks nothing like his younger self. Much less wibbly and stretchy.

    Ben Saunders

    The first sentence of my last post is incredibly poorly constructed but I hope you can glean when meaning from it


    Now it would appear that they look really young in Back To Earth.


    I think Chris aged badly in his 30s and now looks better at the 30th anniversary than he did at the 10th, apart from having a thatch obviously but hair is a fickle thing and will quite happy fuck off at any point so I can’t hold it against him.

    Danny is a freak of nature and once clean shaven looks about 30. He definitely wears wigs though. I think he did in at least some part of the original run. If I had to put a date on it without research, I’d say V onwards. Some wigs are better than others, the pubetastic X wig being a low point.

    Can’t say I’ve noticed Craig’s new teeth, obviously he had his chipped one fixed in the 90s, he’s in pretty good shape though. Apart from a bit of spread in the middle he’s pretty trim, he’s aided in the face now though.

    Robert has expanded gradually over the years, though his middle is reaching a point where maybe the monitor needs redesigning to hide it a bit, the mask is looking really good though at the moment. Miles better than it has done for years.

    Norman still looks like Norman.

    Hattie looks like Hattie.

    Tony Hawks has aged like a fine wine.


    Wider in the face not aided in the face, although he probably is by the fantastic Red Dwarf make up department.


    We can all agree tho, the Mutton Vindaloo Beast only got sexier as time went on.

    Pete Part Three

    Danny has always worn a wig. And I can’t believe we’re doing this.

    Watching Series VI at the moment, and Craig is at his chunkiest. I would assume he got his teeth sorted after Series II. Hadn’t noticed any issus in him speaking.


    > And then there’s the one-piece dentures he’s wearing nowadays, which render him almost unrecognisable and barely able to speak

    Right. Good job he doesn’t host two weekly radio shows or anything. Craig looks best in V and VII I think. They all still look in decent nick to me.


    Danny hasn’t always worn a wig. Backwards was definitely his own hair for example.

    Plastic Percy

    <<Watching Series VI at the moment, and Craig is at his chunkiest. I would assume he got his teeth sorted after Series II. Hadn’t noticed any issus in him speaking.>>

    The boilersuit they gave him really didn’t do him any favours. After the leather trousers, shirt and jacket of previous seasons it all looked a bit shapeless. Likewise when they ditched the leather elements all together in VII. But Craig was 22 in I and

    I figured Danny has always worn a wig. Here he is during the 1987 rehearsals with his hair braided. Danny even points out in the commentary for ‘Beyond a Joke’ that when he removes his GELF disguise you can see his hair braided (its the scene where they return to Starbug to find it ransacked and Kryten missing) and that’s how he wore his hair during filming, under his wig.



    I’m having trouble sourcing info, I know he says in commentary on Backwards that that’s his hair though, and you’d assume Bodyswap too (the chase) and maybe Polymorph. I think it’s in commentaries, don’t know if they’re transcribed anywhere, that’d be handy.

    Toxteth O-Grady

    Why did Craig look so fat in series VI? Did they purposely make him look as round as possible?
    I think he probably was at his heaviest in that series (counting only the original run), but he seems to have been made to look obese most of the time.
    He looks normal in his long-johns, and the Bret Riverboat outfit, but when in the brown boilersuit he looks massive.
    The moment when the GELF bride kisses him, he’s like a huge potato with legs. I’m sure it wasn’t Craig’s actual physique, but it’s odd that they seemingly made him look really rotund in that one series.

    Then in series VII he wears virtually the same costume but with a belt tied tight around his waist, as if to say “See? I’m not really that fat at all”.


    I’ve always thought that boiler suit was an extraordinarily bad look for craig. He does look huge at his wedding. I don’t think he’s actually any fatter than usual in series 6, it’s just such an unflattering outfit. Equally, I don’t think Chris’ outfit makes him look fatter (although his actual face does)

    Craig definitely looks more streamlined in series 7 – the slick hair helps.The belt just looks silly

    Incidentally, this wasn’t supposed to be a thread about how well everyone’s aged. It was literally just about Craig’s teeth. So he had his chipped tooth fixed, eh? when was that?

    He’s definitely had some veneers or something in between series 8 and bte

    Taiwan Tony

    I look really different to how I did twenty five years ago, too!

    Toxteth O-Grady

    Rimmer looked fattest in VIII
    Lister looked fattest in VI
    Kryten looked fattest in XI/XII
    Holly looked fattest in Skipper
    Kochanski looked fattest in VII
    Hollister looked fattest in VIII
    Red Dwarf looked fattest in V
    The GELFs looked fattest in VII
    The Skutters looked fattest in II
    Einstein looked fattest in XI
    Hitler looked fattest in IV
    Polymorph looked fattest in XI
    Cat has great metabolism


    there’s a behind-the-scenes pic of craig during VII somewhere, and in that he was really really skinny


    Glad I’m not the only one who really doesn’t like Lister’s boiler suit costume. Always thought it looked really shit.

    Ian Symes

    I’ve often wondered if the effects of wearing the mask are a contributory factor in the way Robert’s face has aged.


    I can’t imagine being covered in glue and being basically parboiled in your own juices for any length of time is good for your skin.


    >I’ve often wondered if the effects of wearing the mask are a contributory factor in the way Robert’s face has aged.

    Maybe he could sue the BBC and get compensation for some cosmetic surgery?


    “Craig’s Teeth!” needs to become a generic exclamation from now on.

    Plastic Percy

    There’s an interview somewhere online where he said (possibly jokingly) that the cast all went and got their teeth done in the early 2000s as it still looked likely they were going off to Hollywood.

    I’m guessing he got his teeth done for a variety of reasons, as no doubt his crack problem and smoking has damaged his teeth and gums. Bad teeth can have some bizzare side effects such as making you more susceptible to colds.

    Anyway, with all this talk about Craig getting his teeth done, how come nobody has critiqued Norm getting his broken nose corrected?


    I mean, Norman aged so much that he turned into a flatscreen and looks young again.


    this sounds about right, fits my ‘between 8 and bte’ theory


    Lister looks fattest in the double Lister scene from Give & Take. Jesus, is he wide.

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