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    Is it me, or did tonight’s Doctor Who have a really Dwarfish vibe?

    The fact that Microgramma was plastered all over the sets helped… but I got a real vibe of the location scenes from “Give & Take” for a lot of it, and the plot was something that chimed with a lot of Doug’s pokes at big multinational corporations. Even the title feels in the same vein as a lot of Dwarf’s one-word, to-the-point titles.

    Also, there’s a poster in the scene where Bill wakes up again with a drawing that looks exactly like Rimmer.



    I thought you had beat me to it cwickham. I’ve just come over here to say, this to our hosts.

    Ganymede Systems Smart Suits? They’ve obviously never met you. Ha ha.

    Smart suits. Smart Shoes have obviously come a long way then. And yeah it turns out Suits dont have Souls. Reminded me of the escort boots as well.

    I think the doctor needs K9 back now as a guide dog though.



    I probably should’ve made that connection. And of course they were mining as well…

    Blame Eurovision.



    I was thinking about this last night too. My wife and I both mentioned Ganymede and made the Dwarf connection. And then it was about crew of miners all getting wiped out! The whole thing would have made a fun RD story.

    If Red Dwarf ever did a crossover I’d want it to be with Doctor Who.

    Or Alien.

    But I think DW would be more fun.


    International Debris

    I can’t think of many series more at odds with RD, tonally, than Who. One has a universe overflowing with aliens, the other has none.



    I can’t think of many series more at odds with RD, tonally, than Who.

    Coronation Street?



    Seriously though, Doctor Who’s tone is all over the place. It changes by the episode. Last night’s episode came pretty close to RD in tone as well as story details.

    The non-existence of aliens in RD is more of a continuity-compatability issue, and you could easily sort that out with a bit of creative writing.


    Stephen Abootman


    Ha! Slowly but surely Red Dwarf esotetica is breaking out of G&T and infecting the mainstream.



    Thanks to this thread, I had a dream on Sunday night in which I was watching ‘Oxygen’ again and there was a scene in which the Doctor and Bill stopped to have a lengthy conversation about Microgramma.



    This weekend’s episode was very White Hole, with time dilation due to proximity to a black hole leading to time running at varying speeds at different ends of a miles-long spaceship.

    It was good.


    International Debris

    It also had lots of very funny jokes in it. I can almost imagine the ‘tea’ routine being part of a low supplies dialogue at the start of a series 6 episode.



    That’s true, the Tea bit would have felt right at home.



    Spare Parts is on Spotify (as are a few others) if that’s of any interest.

    There’s a character called Frank like everyone in Red Dwarf is!

    I got the link from a surprisingly uncirculated Seb Patrick retweet from off of the last months.

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