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    Just been watching the KCTS Red Dwarf special on youtube, and Craig Charles was incredibly charming and personable with everyone there. I met him about 8 years back, and he was alright. But heard from a few mates that he was a bit of a partonising twat when they met him. Just various differing accounts over the years.

    Also met Danny John Jules and found it impossible to get away, which I’m not complaining about. Real nice guy, up for chatting about Maid Marion for ages. Top bloke.

    Your experiences?


    Always been good experiences.  Some times I’ve been aware of them feeling important in themselves, or them needing to distance themselves from a certain fans kind of behaviour. But all of that felt totally justifiable, because they are “stars” and some fans do behave odder than the average person. But the time they have given to everyone that ive personally seen always came across as polite and giving the right focus.

    Even when Danny speed signed, or the cast gave a little instruction to acting up people or took a pop at over acting fans, it’s never been real nasty. I think something in the humour makes everyone pretty amiable.

    Mostly I’ve met them at show related events, Dimension Jumps, and occasionally other live event or music work.  So they are “on” in the mode of pleasing the public. I’ve found them happy to help. Doug even let us interview him at length at Berkley Square.  When a member of the public shouted at Danny that day. So never underestimate they crap they have to put up with being in the celebrity light.



    I sent Chris a letter many years ago, when I first discovered the show, and it was returned to me because I’d used insufficient postage.

    I’ve never forgiven him.


    I met Bobby at a book signing for News from the Squares. Charming fellow. He talked to my dad for ages about engineering and dyscalculia, from what I recall.


    I’ve only ever met Chris at a small convention in St. Albans, where he was kind enough to sign my copy of the Red Dwarf Omnibus. Norman did respond to an email I sent him when I was a teenager, giving me some advice on writing comedy.


    I met Hattie at an SFX magazine “Weekender” back in 2012. Well I say met, what it really mean is that we danced in the vicinity of her during the DJ set and I said hello – she seemed nice!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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