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    Danny Stephenson

    Hey guys,

    Right, I’m gonna embark on a bit of a project here, I want to make a banner for every episode of Red Dwarf complete with Original Broadcast dates and obviously the episode title. The idea being that the banner will be a chronological sort of ‘timeline’ or melting pot that contains things which are indicative of that particular episode. However, I could do with a consensus…

    I did have a go at this a LONG while back but kinda stopped, primarily because opinions of what’s important in a given episode varies from person to person. So we thought it would be an idea to get YOU peeps involved and get your feedback as to what you think would encapsulate each episode in a banner.

    Here’s what I did for ‘The End’

    I reckon we can do better than that…

    For example: What pops into your head when you think of ‘Future Echoes‘?
    Is it a specific scene?
    Is it a specific shot which you find important, either emotionally, contexually or visually?
    Is it a specific screenshot that you could actually suggest for the banner?
    It can even be a good looking model shot.
    It could even involve things which aren’t easily noticeable on screen but you guys may want in there, which can be re-created as close as possible, things like stuff seen in the monitors, (like what we’ve got in the Wallpapers section) Things like: One of the Series 6 banners should have a wireframe Starbug in there somewhere; Rimmer’s ‘alien’ language chart from Waiting for God; books and other items that may be referenced but we don’t see could be created, either by me or by you guys if you feel so inclined!

    Stuff which can’t fit/doesn’t fit in the banners, may end up as extra stuff in ‘Series Specific’ wallpapers. So all considerations, comments, suggestions and submissions will be most welcome. I will collate all of these things when I’ve got enough ‘buzzwords’ images, thoughts and other such stuff to work from.

    I think the best way to do this would be to name the episode/Series first and then your given ‘bit’. You can give me just the odd one or two that come into your head, or run through the whole lot and fire a shitload of ideas at me. I don’t mind.

    Fire away!


    I think of the Double Rimmer scene. There’s a photo/screencap with Lister stood at the side of Rimmer looking confused while he’s looking elsewhere. That’d be a good pic to include.

    Seb Patrick

    I’ll have a go at Thanks for the Memory given that it’s my “pet” episode: the wide shot of them partying on the planetoid, Rimmer with the fried egg sandwich, the “Someone to Watch Over Me” dream, the hologram simulation suite, Rimmer-as-Lister with Lise, the guys in spacesuits with the gravestones.

    Incidentally, I’d probably make the G&T text a bit bigger on them…


    The shot of Lister shaving pops into my head for Future Echoes. The smegazine version :S

    (I saw the comic adaptation before I ever saw the episode.)


    I think of the Double Rimmer scene. There’s a photo/screencap with Lister stood at the side of Rimmer looking confused while he’s looking elsewhere. That’d be a good pic to include.

    That for Future Echoes along with Old Lister on the bed, and the Jim and Bexley photo. I guess “My tooth! My tooth! I think I lost my tooth!” and Lister shaving too.


    I read the smegazine version first as well. Tee hee.


    I would lose the transmission date.

    Future Echoes
    Lister taking the photo of Lister and the twins.

    Balance Of Power
    Rimmer with Kochanski’s breast looking smug

    Waiting For God
    Lister opening the door wearing the donut and holding the golden sausage

    Confidence & Paranoia
    A shot of Confidence & Paranoia

    Two Rimmers exercising.

    Danny Stephenson

    I should really bear in mind, that I intend to re-do‘The End’ so if you have any fresh ideas for that, then please, so suggest them. Great suggestions so far. keep em coming!

    I would lose the transmission date.


    Jonathan Capps

    I *wouldn’t* lose the transmission date. I think it’s GOOD.

    Ben Paddon

    I’d perhaps make it a bit smaller, though. And I’d have the G&T logo at the bottom rather than the top.

    Pete Part Three

    Future Echoes : The Rimmer wigs, Old Lister.

    Think you should make use of this at some point, if only because it seems to be so ubiquitous : http://forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/Red%20Dwarf%20returns%20Back%20to%20Earth.jpg


    I like the transmission date, though perhaps it’s a little long. Maybe change the format to numbers?

    Danny Stephenson

    The whole idea of the banners is meant to be a celebration of the episodes. I’d LIKE to keep the placement of the text in a similar place each time. I’ll try a few more ideas and see what works. Shortening the date seems like a good plan. Considering the shorthand of DD/MM/YY maybe vertically up the side? Or something.

    The original idea was to just have the screenshots work from left to right and have just 5 or 6 events along the line, but I want this to more of montage of images and ideas and evoke the episode.


    My favourite episode is Confidence and Paranoia. I think the screenshots should include Lister….and then Rimmer…..and then Cat….and then……Paranoia and Confidence ending on “in space, nobody can hear you cha-cha-cha”….

    erm…..I’m not really helping much, am I?

    ….and when this banner comes up, the indlin’ song should play


    …and Stabb’im. Gotta have Stabb’im!!


    ….and the Mayor of Warsaw and a fish.

    Maybe the Cat shot should be the one where he thinks he’s found sex but it’s a monkey!


    > I should really bear in mind, that I intend to re-do’The End’

    Fair enough but definitely keep the Lister-in-stasis shot and the last one with the 3 of them.

    I think there should be a single quote from each episode (e.g. for The End, ‘Look out, Earth, the slime’s comin home!’). IMO that would be way better than the transmission date.


    “Parallel Universe” should almost certainly include the Cat staring almost perfectly down the barrel of the camera, the respective looks on Arnold and Arlene’s faces as the latter grabs the former’s behind; and maybe, if you can, Dave and Deb sharing a bed. Oh, and also a lipstick-covered Holly with Hilly, and little skutters.


    Marooned – A shot of Hattie, Starbug crashing in the snow, Lister with the forkfull of dog food, Rimmer’s disgusted expression afterwards, Lister making the guitar stencil on the chest, Rimmer saluting the burning of the soldiers and the last shot of Rimmer looking through the guitar shaped hole.

    Ben Paddon

    Pete Parts 1 + 2 – a boot stomping on a human face forever.

    Pete Part Three

    Bodyswap : Lister’s mind-less expression, the goregous model shots, mashed potato


    Backwards – the scroll-up – ‘RED DWARF III – THE SAGA CONTINUUMS’

    Nick R

    Listening to your Backwards commentary was a good chance to take some snapshots from that episode.

    What do you think of this set of images? Other than that final shot of the Cat (which is also the one Wikipedia uses in its infobox for this episode), I’ve gone for frames that are representative of the episode but don’t feature the main characters. Note the Four R’s: Reagan, Rob, Rabbit, and Rampant Woman. (Gotta have that rabbit in there!)

    View post on imgur.com

    I also flipped them horizontally and arranged them in reverse chronological order. So they’re BACKWARDS!


    The Last Day – Jim Reaper, Mechanoid Owners Manual ‘FOR HUMAN EYES ONLY’, Marilyn droid, pissed Holly with tiara on wonky, Lister with traffic cone, Holly with hangover, Hudzen holding up two halves of brick

    Danny Stephenson

    I’m going to collate all of these either today or tomorrow, into a post along with my suggestions for things we should have in the banners.

    Nick: Good work on the images there’s definetely a few of those (or variations of them).

    Should the entire banner be reversed for ‘Backwards’ I Think it’s only sensible :)

    Ian Symes

    I’ve always had a problem with that element of Backwards. It’s only time that’s reversed, not *everything*. The menu should say “menu”, not “unem”.


    But then Lister saying Nodnol wouldn’t work!


    It still makes more sense than ‘Day of the (fucking) Moon’.


    Oh fuck off, Day of the Moon was awesome! You have 11 episodes before you can legitimately say that things didn’t make sense. It was an opener, not a closer!


    Erm sorry about the “fuck off”… I’m just very passionate about things I like. Or something like that. Not obsessive. Just passionate…

    Jonathan Capps

    It’s ok, telling performingmonkey to fuck off is somewhat of a tradition.


    Off you fuck.

    Pete Part Three

    It’s kind of a rule here. You can rip the piss out of Red Dwarf, but don’t you dare speak ill of Doctor Who.

    Danny Stephenson

    You CAN speak ill of Dr Who, just don’t be wrong about it [/Trollface]


    Well…those who still think Moffat is an infallible god, when a short walk along Real Street promptly reveals him to be cowering upon his paper throne wearing no clothes, should think twice before slagging off Rob and Doug (either/or)!

    Ben Paddon

    At some point, you’re going to have to start making sense, Monk.


    PM- You’re just a shit Tongue Tied!


    Off the top of my head/without rewatching:
    Red Dwarf I:-
    The End – Rimmer in jacket, Stasis Lister, Rimmer crouching over pile of dust on floor, Lister eating dust, Lister going down red corridor to “Everybody’s dead, Dave”, Rimmer jumping through Cat, “THE BEGINNING”.
    Future Echoes – Old Lister on the bed, Rimmer wigs
    Balance of Power – Rimmer punching himself, “there’s no rush Holly”, John Wayne Skutters
    Waiting for God – Pictures from Cat Bible, Lister with the golden doughnut, Cat Priest yelling “You weren’t there!”, Lister picking roast chicken out of garbage pod
    Confidence and Paranoia – Skutter jabbing Lister in eye, Rimmer agreeing with Paranoia about Lister, Confidence’s head exploding
    Me² – Rimmers exercising together, Gazpacho Soup bowl on floor, Rimmer in dress uniform

    Red Dwarf II:-
    Kryten – “Androids, everybody loves good”, Kryten putting makeup on skeleton, Rimmer-on-toilet painting
    Better than Life – Triangular VHS, Rimmer’s dad going “You’re a total smeghead” and Cat popping in to nick cigar, Lister trying to hit golf ball, Rimmer’s hand about to be hit with hammer.
    Thanks for the Memory – Gravestone, Blue Midget flying drunk, Holographic Projection Suite, “God Arnold/Dave, I love you so much”
    Stasis Leak – Rimmer’s head popping out of desk, Chicken Hollister, Holly-watch, Cat/Lister/Rimmer in shower, calendar on bathroom wall, last scene with all versions in shot
    Queeg – NightwatchHolly with Junior Colour Encylopedia, Queeg vs. Holly on monitor, ERASED, Holly’s final wink, Rimmer-as-Brannagan/on knees, Cat & Lister scrubbing floor
    Parallel Universe – Listers in bed, Arlene groping Arnold, Cat & Dog, Hilly & lipsticked-Holly

    Danny Stephenson

    Thanks for putting the thread back on track. I’ve compiled a little list if you’ll indulge me. I made the list and then checked what everyone else wrote. i’ve tried to add the names of the contributor where possible. Apologies if i didn’t catch you. But i’ve got a seperate expandable list.

    Where i’ve put [Overlay] I mean a possible ‘extra’ thing could be partially visible over the screenshots… Graphics, unseen stuff. that sort of thing. I apologise for the size of this list. Thank you.

    Series 1

    The End
    Piles of powder
    Lister waving through Stasis Pod
    Rimmer’s Test
    Rimmer’s Arm covered in notes
    Handprint of ink

    Future Echoes
    photo/screencap with Lister stood at the side of Rimmer looking confused [Si]
    The shot of Lister shaving pops into my head for Future Echoes. The smegazine version.[Carlito]
    Old Lister on the bed
    Jim and Bexley photo
    My tooth! My tooth! I think I lost my tooth
    The Rimmer wigs[Pete Part Three]
    Photograph at the end
    Lister cutting himself shaving
    Lister at Drive Console.

    Balance Of Power
    Rimmer with Kochanski’s breast looking smug[Dave]
    Chef on screen
    Lister with H of cream on forehead
    Rimmer/kochanski saluting[Split screen?]
    Rimmer ‘fighting’ with ‘Petersen’

    Waiting for God
    Lister in doorway with donut and golden sausage, priest in f/g[Dave]
    Pages from the Cat Bible

    Confidence & Paranoia
    A shot of Confidence & Paranoia[Dave]
    Confidence exploding
    Paranoia with yogurt (first shot)

    Two Rimmers exercising[Dave]
    Mugs Murphy
    Cartoon exclamations
    Shadow of V’s

    Series 2

    Nova 5 model shot
    Kryten on bike at end
    Rimmer’s painting

    Better Than Life
    Logo for better than life
    Miranda the ‘mermaid’
    Heads in sands. Jam.

    Thanks For The Memory
    the wide shot of them partying on the planetoid
    Rimmer with the fried egg sandwich
    the ìSomeone to Watch Over Meî dream
    the hologram simulation suite
    Rimmer-as-Lister with Lise
    the guys in spacesuits with the gravestones
    Spanner cake

    Stasis Leak
    Shot of Stasis Leak
    Rimmer’s head through the table
    Multiple peeps
    Rimmer’s face when he hears Future Rimmer
    ‘8 years’ (Caption Paxo)

    Legs missing
    Queeg’s face
    Head to head Chess game
    Junior Encyclopedia Of Space
    Lister going flying. (sparks)

    Parallel Universe
    shot from ‘Tongue Tied’
    Holly/Hilly. Kiss marks on Holly
    Holly Hop Drive

    Series III

    Text Crawl at the beginning
    Cat’s surprise face.
    Kryten in Ronald Reagan
    Space mirages
    Rob Grant
    Orange Whirly thing in space.

    Asteroid hitting Starbug
    Dog food, Listers’ face
    Shot from guitar cut out
    Rimmer’s soldiers burning.

    ‘Kevin’ and large polymorph
    Lister and Kryten going at it like Hammer and Tongs.
    Energy Balls
    Face sucker shots
    ‘Give Quiche A Chance’
    Signs, Placards
    Lister knocking himself in the bollocks

    Skutter with wires
    Lister’s ’empty’ look.
    Lister’s head in mash ‘thumbs up’
    Vending machine [Graphic?]
    Cat with potatoes in eyes.

    Kryten’s eye cleaning
    Some of the time slides.
    Hitler long shot.
    Smeg and the Heads
    The Enormous statue
    Young Rimmer with boxing gloves.

    The Last Day
    Divadroid International logo
    Jim Reaper
    Hudzen holding brick
    Hudzen’s POV
    Lister and Hudzen squaring off
    Marilyn Monroe Droid
    Pissed Holly
    Box that goes Fzzzt.

    Series IV

    Crashed Ship?
    Camille and Kryten watching Casablanca
    Kochanski Camille
    Rimmer Camille
    Mechanoid Camille

    Coloured blocks of DNA Machine
    Kryten’s ‘panic chip’
    Listers’s face with polaroids
    Actually show the Polaroids??! [pixilate?]
    Spare Heads or Spare Head 3? Spare hand one.
    Curry monster

    Cat /Lister with Gunge on head.
    Escort Boots
    Rimmer being sentenced
    Lister ‘committing arson’
    Cat with shovel
    Close up of Pod
    Simulant looking for crew.

    White Hole
    The white hole
    Lister with cigarette in ear
    Talkie toaster
    Talkie toaster skewed POV
    Computer simulation [graphics]
    Planets colliding.

    Dimension Jump
    Young Rimmer hanging upside down or from back [Bonehead]
    Model shot of Wildfyre
    Starbug crashed at sea.
    ‘Up, Up and Away’ [Graphic?]

    Noel Coward shot.
    Any of the people exploding.
    Eyeballing Gandhi
    Elvis posing ‘Machiiiinnnneee’Ö
    Lister and Cat in Nazi area/chimney.
    Queen Victoria with submachine gun
    Blackboard graphic

    Series V

    Rimmer in column of fun blue things.
    Model shots : Holoship
    Rimmer’s ‘Polydridecawihedronahexsasexadiconadibidolihecadodron’ face.
    Nirvanah Crane

    The Inquisitor
    The Inquisitor Mask
    Cat’s happy face ‘I have such a beautiful face’
    Alternate Kryten and Lister [two Shot]
    Cutting off Inquisitor’s hand
    Youthed/oldified Lister
    ‘I can Give you 15’ shot

    Kryten’s POV [Offline]
    The hand-bot
    ‘taranshula ‘ conversation [Overlay]
    Self loathing beast
    Rimmer chained up
    Cavalier Rimmer fight

    Mr Flibble / Gingham Dress
    Dr Lanstrom
    The Virii
    Kryten with dart in back of head.

    Demons & Angels
    High and Low idea? {split}?
    Maggoty strawberry
    Two ships
    Triplicator exploding

    Back To Reality
    Wide shot of VR suite
    ‘Game over’ [Overlay]
    ‘We can put our heads together and the bullet can go down the line’
    Andy the technician.
    Imaginary chase scene [use the Outtake version]

    Series VI

    Model shot Starbug
    Wireframe starbug
    Lister kissing the Psirens
    Guitar solo shot

    Multiple faces on Legion
    Smiley face on statue.
    Rimmer contemplating Light switch
    24th Century Mimosian bukkake shot.
    Starbug being pulled in by malfunctioning guidance beam
    Legion/Lister holding 2nd appendix

    Gunmen Of The Apocalypse
    Film noir intro
    Lister with tongue out in VR suite
    Two bullets on floor
    Other game screens possibly [overlay]
    Special Skills Erased [overlay]
    Kryten releasing doves into air
    Kryten effects shot.
    Starbug leaving Lava planet

    Emohawk: Polymorph II
    Shot from ‘Leg it!’
    The wedding
    O/G Unit
    GELF warning meteor skull
    The Simulant ship
    End shot

    Simulant ship with exploding green debris.
    Stone wall with Tally marks [Overlay?]
    Worry balls/Tiny ball bearings in hand
    Transporter effect
    Rimmer Centurion/Concubine
    Escape Pod
    A shot of Rimmerworld ‘Eden’

    Out Of Time
    Kryten in toupee
    Lister’s Brain in a jar
    One of the explosion shots from the end fight.
    Starbug exploding?

    Series VII

    Tikka To Ride
    Weird camera angle at start
    Big turbine establishing shot
    First shot of cavalcade with agents running aside [Top shot]
    Kryten’s double take at Book Depository
    Shot of crew at window?
    Shot of crew walking through deserted streets?
    J Edgar Hoover in drag.
    Kennedy fading

    Stoke Me a Clipper
    Ace riding crocodile
    ‘Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast’
    Hamster in a wheel.
    The pod in orbit around the planet
    Black knight on tiny pony.
    Shot of King and Queen
    Shot of rimmer in Knight fight with sword wrong way round
    Rimmer with wig on backwards.

    The box being pushed under the pool table.
    The Tear
    Kochanski falling.
    Kochanski crossbow in leg
    Symbol on box

    Duct Soup
    Kryten’s Vision [hugging the gelfs]
    crew pushed into grate by water

    Fire from the Locker
    Rimmer/Lister kiss
    Rimmer Munchkin

    Beyond A Joke
    Exploding head
    Big old gazebo explosion.
    Kryten in tank
    Shot of Simulant

    Operation to remove lister’s arm
    Caroline Carmen’s feet

    Tiny starbug from end of episode
    Lister with sweet on forehead
    ‘Pick up the ball’
    Holly watch
    Bad Lister head body match.

    Series VIII

    Back In The Red Part 1
    Bunk room scene from start
    Starbug’s front end bouncing across the cargo bay
    Chen, Selby et all in gasmasks.
    The CATscan (DYSWIDT?)
    Kryten looking like a dog with a caramel toffee.

    Back In The Red Part 2
    Kryten with inflated hand
    kryten’s head rolling about
    Crew on toilet
    Data Doctor
    Dibbley family
    Rimmer’s face through porthole
    Rimmer hitting groin with a hammer

    Back In The Red Part 3
    Crew in AR simulation.
    Midget Dance
    Plastercine scene
    E 11 T [Overlaid graphic]
    Holly’s head as a moon
    Old Controller
    Lister pouring Sexual Magnetism virus on Rimmer.

    Diving bell
    Shot of Cassandra
    Kill Crazy looking crazy
    Various shots of Canaries
    Rimmer conducting ‘You are the Sunshine of my life’
    Rimmer getting his nuts adjusted
    Knot having a heart attack
    Rimmer/Kochanski in bed together.

    Krytie TV
    Shot of Kryten in shower, reading not bothered
    Pubes on soap
    Kryten with Beadle beard
    Ackerman’s eye missing
    Shot from ‘Attack of the Giant Savage Completely Invisible Aliens’
    Two bags of flour
    Gold Kryten

    Pete Part 1
    Naked Rimmer and LIster
    Cons holding their erections.
    Inmates doing the mexican wave
    Lister showing ‘Bucket and Spade’
    potato mountain
    potato virus
    Birdman getting sneezed
    Big T-Rex foot

    Pete Part 2
    Time Wand [Tempus logo]
    Dino pushing through door
    Kill Crazy and Baxter as gorillas
    cow getting lowered into vindaloo
    Skutter in stomach of dino
    Hollister holding sign ‘I am suffering from post traumatic stress disorder’
    Cat with Archie pushing out through top.

    Only The Good
    Cat Professor
    Death kneed in the balls
    ‘have a Fantastic Period’
    Lister and Rimmer pissed.
    Cat in nurse uniform
    Cat bracing for a punch.
    Mirror Universe.
    Death’s foot on paper

    Back To Earth Part 1
    Shot of ship going into F
    Lister at Kochanski’s Grave [Crying]
    A shot from the bunk room
    Rimmer dancing in his chair
    Shot from inside the diving bell [tentacles] [Maybe overlay these throughout the banner]
    Shot of Katerina
    Dimension Cutter FX

    Back To Earth Part 2
    Kryten flying across floor
    Rimmer rematerialising in shop sign
    Lister in front of recurring Lister poster
    Origami Squid
    Good shot of ‘Swallow’
    Some shots of Carbug.

    Back To Earth Part 3
    Starbug in Corrie
    Side of Tyrell building shot.
    Shot of Creator
    Epic shot from ‘Falling through Glass’ scene
    Kochanski coming into focus
    shot from Lift scene/last scene.

    Smeg Ups Banner set [More than one?]
    ‘Too weird for words’ False perspective shot.


    This is a bit of a mess but some additional things sprung to mind:

    Series I
    The End: As someone said, “THE BEGINNING”.
    Waiting for God: Lister holding up the chicken.

    Series III
    Polymorph: Cat’s mid-air splits over energy balls.
    Bodyswap: Rimmer in Lister’s clothes and vice versa.
    Timeslides: Lister with a snowball in his face.
    The Last Day: Rimmer’s “It’s been a while since I’ve done that” gulp, Hudzen POV: WHAT THE HELL!, Kryten’s “D-D-D-D-D-D”, Cat in Policewoman’s hat.

    Series IV
    Camille: High Five!
    DNA: Human Kryten, “Panic circuits engaged… *wails*” face.
    Justice: Rimmer in prison get up, Cat caressing the pod close up, Simulant close up when looking for the crew in the Justice zone.
    White Hole: The intelligent Holly floating head hologram, What is it?
    Meltdown: Caligula!

    Series V
    Holoship: Binks, Rimmer in holoship uniform.
    The Inquisitor: Kryten’s face getting crushed or the chainsaw moment before.
    Quarantine: Kryten with an axe in the back of him.
    Demons & Angels: Some shot of list being controlled whether it’s him with a knife or the “Duck! Left! Right!” scene, eating the tarantula.
    Back To Reality: New crew in starbug cockpit, Alternate versions (Duane, Jake etc.)

    Series VI
    Psirens: Hairy lister, two listers shot (one with the guitar or both chewing nails), “I’m almost annoyed”, Rimmer booting up.
    Legion: Kryten with the ALERT sign behind him, Two Kryten’s dragging the others, mish mash legion face.
    Gunmen Of The Apocalypse: Sammy the Squib Kryten, Existence sign, Kryten getting the virus effects shot, Moseying on into town.
    Emohawk: Polymorph II: The handshake if it can be called that.
    Rimmerworld: Rimmer’s first clone attempt.
    Out Of Time: Crew with animal heads. Crew in their seats in the middle of space.

    Series VII
    Tikka To Ride:Got to have that masterful double take that you mentioned haha, Kryten downing the whiskey, guilt chip/car bonnet gag, Kennedy car from behind shot.
    Stoke Me a Clipper: Rachel.
    Duct Soup: Kochanski eating Peaches(?)
    Blue: Shot of AR crew. Preferably the one of the heroic looking Rimmer or Cat and Listers cheesy smiles (I owe my life to him!).
    Epideme: Icy set (Shooting the door or standing over Carmen ice block).
    Nanarchy: Lister’s fake arm.

    Series VIII
    Back In The Red Part 1: Recreated series 1/2 bunk room with Rimmer standing over Lister (around the “You hope” line).
    On the panel fighting their case (this might be part 2, I don’t remember what happens when so well in these episodes)
    Line up (Again this might be from 2 or 3)

    Back To Earth Part 2: In the comic book shop all lined up (Back on Red Dwarf!… THAT’S STAR TREK!), “bunk room” with Rimmer and Lister.
    Back To Earth Part 3: Lister at typewriter looking ecstatic.

    Some production stills also pop to mind for some episodes such as Lister and Caroline Carmen, the BTR cockpit shot, Ace Rimmer, future Kryten from OOT.

    Danny Stephenson

    I will collate again in a week or so but these awesome (and plentiful) suggestions. I thought it was gonna take months to get this far. You’re all so enthusiastic!!!

    Cheers for this.


    Duct Soup
    Kryten’s Vision [hugging the gelfs]
    crew pushed into grate by water

    No love…

    Kochanski wih spanner in bed or hitting Kryten
    Tiny uniform
    Princess Leia
    Cat and Lister watching washing machine
    Water ride/grate faces

    Operation to remove lister’s arm
    Caroline Carmen’s feet

    Cat’s handshake
    Kochanski slugging Lister


    Rimmerworld: Rimmer on the screen looking worried as they discuss his predicament (More than a year and a half!?)

    Nick R

    The current festive banner variants have reminded me of this thread. I’d still like to see these episode-specific banners added to the site, perhaps in time for the new series’ broadcast. Have you had chance to make any more, Danny?


    Gotta love seeing the festive banners again. It’s the geek equivilent of the Coca-Cola Christmas advert…

    Danny Stephenson

    Have you had chance to make any more, Danny?

    I’m still collating images for the banners. I want a plethora of stuff before I start jamming them together. May release them on a series by series basis, but that’s subject to how much time we have what with RDX at al happening :)

    Gotta love seeing the festive banners again. It’s the geek equivilent of the Coca-Cola Christmas advert…

    You’ve given me an idea for next years’ banners. Cheers!

    Ben Paddon

    You’ve given me an idea for next years’ banners. Cheers!

    Red lorries with ‘CUNT’ written across them in curlies.

    Danny Stephenson

    Dammit Ben!

    Kris Carter






    Ben Paddon

    Ganymede’s a-comin’, Ganymede’s a-comin’ ?


    G&T 61 Banner Project. :-)

    Danny Stephenson

    G&T 61 Banner Project. :-)

    Yes, as it will be known. I may alter the thread title to fit purpose…

    One of the main reasons I haven’t started putting these together, is that the site is currently undergoing a re-design and the header sizes are/could/probably will be changing, so it’s not worth making anything that is final when I may have to rejig the things to fit the new styles of header.

    Now you know…


    Now we know.. Now we know… NOW WE KNOW! NOW WE KNOW!!!

    Kris Carter



    Will the new banners be filmed at Shepperton? Also, CGI or Models?

    Danny Stephenson

    A mixture of the two. Also our banners will be shown in front of an audience. Tickets available soon.


    Will Holly be in them?

    Ben Paddon

    Will the banners be available outside of the UK?

    Nick R

    I’m skeptical. The banners have been crap since the co-banner-creator left in 1993.

    Kris Carter

    Can we expect the original banners to be remastered?

    Danny Stephenson

    Actually. Yes.

    Tarka Dal

    Si, can you and Danny put your heads together so the bullet can go down the line.

    Danny Stephenson

    Wrong thread?

    Tarka Dal

    No. Wrong answer ;-)

    I love you Danny. Almost as much as I love Cappsy and that’s a motherload of milky manlove, but remastered *gulp*

    Kris Carter

    I can’t wait to see the film effect and the CGI Skutters!

    Danny Stephenson

    you may have noticed that there is a new logo on the christmas banners. What i mean by remastered isthat i intend to update the old banners with the new logo.


    I wish Karl hadn’t have used the word *gulp* after using the words “…motherload of milky manlove”.

    Tarka Dal

    Blame Cappsy, the big seksy lion k ing.


    I don’t know what reminded me of this old thread but I wondered if this is still going to happen?

    Danny Stephenson

    Yes, it is. There is a certain anniversary of a certain show coming up, so we’re hoping to release them around then. Seems fitting as a celebration of Dwarf in general.

    It’s on going though.


    Are we keeping all of the current ones though? Or should I be downloading some of my faves now in case they go into retirement?


    Love the idea but hope these won’t be the only banners on rotation.

    I’d love to see some of the better fan-art featured up there for example.


    > I’d love to see some of the better fan-art featured up there for example.

    You know where my DeviantArt page is. ;)


    Actually no I don’t, but I’m aware of your talents si… and apparently you can draw too!

    Danny Stephenson

    I wonder if we should display all the banners of note in a tucked away section of the site like the Google Doodles…


    > I wonder if we should display all the banners of note in a tucked away section of the site like the Google Doodles…

    That’s actually a cracking idea.

    Danny Stephenson

    I wonder if we should display all the banners of note in a tucked away section of the site like the Google Doodles…

    I thought it would have been really self indulgent for me to do this, but then I realised I’m not responsible for all the ideas of the banners.
    Some are going to be more relevant to certain eras and will go ‘out of date’ like the BTE paparazzi shot stuff, that kind of thing. SO it’d be nice to have somwehere for them to go, and it’s an interesting timeline of G&T’s past.

    Because the site’s being redesigned, the banner style is going to shift slightly too, and because i’m an idiot I didn’t make the banners in any larger resolution than what we have, so I’d have to make them all again in theory. So the style and possibly the logo may change, still working on that.

    In short the 55 (61) Banner project will happen, eventually


    I think it’d be a shame for the G&T font to change. There’s something comfortably familiar about it.
    Having said that, though, I guess it’d be the same as looking at those headers with the old G&T logos. Change is inevitable.
    I think it’s kind of odd that G&T have never had the elipse as part of the logo. For an RD site, I don’t know whether that’s something to be applauded, or just stupidity. ;)

    Jonathan Capps

    > I don’t know whether that’s something to be applauded, or just stupidity. ;)

    I think this sums up the site as a whole quite well!


    “Something to be applauded, or just stupidity.” One for the recommendations. ;)

    Danny Stephenson

    The logo transition from 2D to 3D was basically me getting giddy with 3DSMax. I also did it to make me think more about design and colour schemes and things like that, adding a dimension makes it easier for things to look ‘out of place’? I like to push myself.


    The vectored 3D logo I did for BTL was supposed to look like the 80’s Computer and Video Games logo, but literally nobody picked up on that which I was mildly gutted about haha


    fuck me sideways, this thread is huge.

    Danny Stephenson

    fuck me sideways, this thread is huge.

    In fairness it needs to be longer. MORE SUGGESTIONS PLEASE. Either Series Specific or episode specific things that you reckon are indicative of said Series or episode.


    I keep thinking of ones, only to find they’re either already on your list

    Or NoFro’s, which is immediately following.



    Cool, I just got this particular one for the first time!


    John Hoare

    Cool, I just got this particular one for the first time!


    Oooh, that’s one of mine! I used to do them before Danny started working his magic. That’s one of my favourites I did too.


    Amazing that I’ve been here a year and a half and never saw that one until today. Do you recall any urls of your other ones?

    Jonathan Capps

    Oooh, that’s one of mine! I used to do them before Danny started working his magic. That’s one of my favourites I did too.

    There are a tonne from that era that were all excellent. I need to include more, especially since the logo is what the current one is entirely based on.


    So, approaching 73 episodes (and bumping up this thread up a few notches), I’ve seen the series XI headers this week, and I expect we’ll see more in the next couple of months, and series XII next year. How many banners do you actually have now?

    Ian Symes

    Oooh, about 140. There will indeed be more to come.

    I’d completely forgotten about this little project. As it happens, I think we do now have at least one for each episode, quite by accident. I had a slightly crazy afternoon a while back when I made an absolute shitload of them, and for that I used all the screengrabs I took for the Complete Guide, along with whatever other Dwarf-related pics I had on my hard drive from whatever articles I’ve written on this particular laptop.


    I’ve been looking over the past couple of days. I’ve found 136. And I know there’s at least one more.

    Ian Symes

    Ah, so that’s what those previously inexplicable spikes in our stats were – Bromley hitting F5 for an hour at a time.

    Jonathan Capps

    If we introduced ads, he’d make us millions.


    An hour at a time? I can spend about twenty minutes seeing where Random takes me. Agonising over whether to leave a comment and bump a six year old article up.

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