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    I went with some friends to one of those new VR arcades, and I’m absolutely amazed at what a surreal, overwhelming experience it was.

    We played this game called Skyfront where you are flying on a jet pack in a world of giant suspended floating rocks and buildings, and the feeling of real height and space was just amazing. It really feels like you’re flying freely around a clear sky over a giant canyon, the ground 100s of feet below, leaping from rock to rock.

    Even the “select game” hub was a high city rooftop with buildings all around that had such a real feeling of big space stretching away on all sides.

    I know this is only slightly RD related (lots of VR stories), but …before going in, I was expecting it was going to be some simple Doom type thing with us running round simple dark corridors shooting at each other. I’m amazed at what a ..big experience it was.

    there was this one sci fi FPS called Gunheart that I only played for 5 minutes, but it had the most spookily realistic graphics of the lot. You start in a seedy alien bar, and I looked at the wall to my side and the bricks looked so sharp and real, and walking to the bar and looking up at the alien barman, then down at the stained wood of the bar …I was THERE.

    I mean, the “walking” is done mostly with a d-pad, (you can walk a few paces around your booth, but have to use the d-pad to move to the next booth-size area), but still. The free-flight in that Skyfront game, like I could just point my left hand up, then fly up into the sky while looking below and shooting other players below me. I had no idea it was such a surreal experience.

    Flap Jack

    The campaign for a Red Dwarf VR game starts here.

    It would be called Red Dwarf: Radiation Leak. You play as a mid-level officer on the mining ship Red Dwarf, just going about your daily routine. Then with little warning you’re painfully killed by a lethal overdose of Cadmium-2.


    Back in the Red VR


    Zero-G kickboxing. Or Wimbledon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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