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    I’ve been thinking about the XII recreation of the bunk room and how they had to have the bed spreads and chairs remade especially.

    A few years ago I was looking through an old Argos catalogue online and found the bed spreads (or remarkably similar ones) and I’ve always been interested as to what the bits and bobs around the sets are, and generally the props.

    The playing cards in Quarantine are Grimaud Grand Prix cards from the late 70s for example and are pretty expensive now, and the cockpit seats in Starbug are Martin Baker MKII ejection seats from an English Electric Canberra I believe.

    I like knowing things like this, so does anyone else have anymore?

    What watch does Rimmer wear in Series I and II? What are the ship issue converse like trainers they wear in the early series? What are the little triangle things that are all over Starbug? On the yokes and in the bunk room (I always thought they’d be handles off a shutter or something)

    Etc etc

    Seb Patrick

    The door lock on the Series X bunkroom is a docking station for (I think) Dell laptops.


    The computer keyboards in series V (Holoship, Terrorform, maybe others) are Amiga 1200s or 3000s. This pic stolen from a website says series I had Commodore 64s in it, but I don’t know about that.

    In the Holoship pic, you can see they’ve cleverly covered up the Amiga branding in the top-right corner with some mess.


    This page has the sleeping bags from the bunks and from Rimmer’s quarters in Me2 on it.

    If they weren’t these they’re extremely similar.

    Paul Muller
    Paul Muller

    I’ve posted about it before but ‘The Pop-Up Kama Sutra’ as seen in Me2 is a real copy of a real book, albeit with some spray-paint ageing and black insulating tape around the edges. Would be really easy to remake that prop.

    Ben Saunders

    Does anybody know where I can buy/rent out a Hologrammatic Projection Suite?

    Ben Paddon

    Plastic Percy

    I’ve always liked the duvets for the I & II bunk room, but I’m a fan of 80s style diagonal stripe designs. Something appealingly retro about them. I think we can confirm the Argos sleeping bags are correct as the yellow and black striped one above it in the catalogue appears in the Rimmers quarters in Me2.


    The Robert Koesler book in Entangled is a real picador publication, ive got a copy, coincidentally.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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