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    If this has been suggested before then ignore me, but it’s more than possible the DNA machine gave Lister a new appendix when they returned him to human form on either of the occasions that happened (post chicken and post tiny robo-cop)

    Pete Part Three

    The PIP raised this as a possible solution, I think.


    Well the cat ate most of his organs in Lemons.


    according to Doug, it’s because Lister was born with two appendixes that he appeared to have it removed twice


    Being is own father, weird genetic mutations are also possible.

    Could also explain the green urine.


    If Lister was born with two appendixes it’s possible the DNA machine reinstated both of them so he still has one left.

    Plastic Percy

    Or he regrew it whilst on Backwards Earth.

    Pete Part Three

    During the events of Bodysnatcher, Rimmer decides he needs an appendix to complete the body that he’s building for himself. Unfortunately, Lister is lacking an appendix as he had it removed when he was 18. As the appendix is of vital importance, Rimmer time-travels back to when Lister was 18, mugs him and steals his appendix. When he gets back to his present, he loses interest in the whole idea and hands Lister back his appendix, who decides to have it re-implanted. For reasons. It’s the same one that develops peritonitis and is removed by Legion.

    Unfortunately, Bodysnatcher was mostly binned, but Doug decided use most of these ideas for another episode. And we all know which one. Yes. Can of Worms.

    Flap Jack

    Asclepius was about to give Lister a third appendix until Rimmer and Kryten RUDELY interrupted him.


    He was given an extra appendix due to faulty atomic reconstruction every time they used the paddle in Rimmerworld.

    Flap Jack

    Lister was given a new appendix when he traveled to the gender-flipped universe in Parallel Universe.

    Because simply being in the universe gave him the permanent ability to get pregnant; this appendix idea is far less stupid than that.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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