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    By Ben Dowell

    It’s not official – but series 13 is almost certainly going to happen, say the cast and writer Doug Naylor

    Fear not, Red Dwarf fans – comedy’s favourite space hoppers ARE on course for another series of the intergalactic comedy.

    While UKTV which makes the show is not able to confirm a thirteenth series, the cast and writer Doug Naylor are confident that it is just a formality with Naylor already hard at work writing the scripts for series 13.

    He told that he has been writing scripts for the next run for weeks, adding that “the chances are high to certain” of a series 13 commission.

    Star Craig Charles added: “I think we’re going to do one. I think we’d like to do as many as we possibly could.”

    Could there be another 30 years of the Dwarfers? “I’d be dead for 20 of them,” laughed Charles. “Maybe they could CGI us in. In the future, anything is possible”.

    Naylor and the cast are also planning on a Red Dwarf live tour – “a tour that doesn’t really move too far,” jokes Charles. “We want to do as much as we possibly can as we’re running out of time. Have you seen the look of us?”

    Tonight’s series 12 finale saw the crew afflicted by a tear in time which meant that Chris Barrie’s hologrammatical horror Rimmer sampled alternative lives in various universes and honestly reflected on the inner workings of what passes for his soul.

    This saw him encounter a new-look Cat (Danny John-Jules) and Lister in the intriguing fresh guise of a suave careerist – plus the long-awaited return of the original incarnation of the much-loved space computer Holly, played by Norman Lovett in series one and two.

    On the prospect of another series, a UKTV spokesman said: “Red Dwarf has gone down incredibly well with viewers and we are immensely proud of the show. We are in talks with Doug about more scripts, but haven’t commissioned a series yet.”



    Fear not, Red Dwarf fans – comedy’s favourite space hoppers ARE on course for another series of the intergalactic comedy.

    Oh, thank god. Now I don’t have to be afraid of that, I can go back to my normal worst fear of elevator accidents.



    It is my all-time second-worst fear, guy.


    Ben Saunders

    What’s your first?



    Why did you combine three separate people’s opinions into one though?


    Dollar Pound

    time spent on live show = time that could be spent making half hour eps



    Time spent on live show = time spent pumping huge amounts of free money and PR attention into GNP and the brand that will make sure the show doesn’t suddenly wither and die if Dave ever get bored or get a new commissioner who doesn’t like it.



    Hopefully we can have he live show the same time the Red Dwarf movie comes out.


    International Debris

    I’m sure a DVD of the live show will come out, so it’ll be a nice addition to the Red Dwarf canon. Unless it has a Bottom Live-esque focus on fourth-wall breaking, in which case it won’t.


    Dollar Pound




    I hope it shows up as an extra on the Series XIV Blu-Ray, because I can’t imagine the stage show getting a state-side physical media release.

    The one downside though of a video release of the stage show would be that you only get to watch one version. I’d love to be able to pop on a different version of the performance each time I watched it and pick a favorite night.



    I’m already having anxiety that Dave’s Red Dwarf Night with Eternal won’t be available to watch in the US. Another Valentines Night RUINED.


    Toxteth O-Grady

    Live show? I’ve never been to the recording of any episodes, but isn’t Robert Llewellyn notoriously dreadful at knowing his lines?
    You can see him reading cue-cards a lot in the finished episodes, and that’s with the benefit of re-takes. Fair enough; he usually has the most difficult, techno-babble lines to remember, but that IS how the character speaks.
    How on Titan can he manage a live show?

    And while were at it, Danny John-Jules often misses his cue from what I remember of Smeg Ups.

    Maybe they could just do the ‘Marooned’ live-show that Craig Charles mentions at any given opportunity?



    Umm… wasn’t Robert cast because of his role in a stage play?


    pi r squared

    > isn’t Robert Llewellyn notoriously dreadful at knowing his lines?

    Fair to say there is a difference between learning lines for a stage play with lots of lead time and rehearsals, and learning lines for a Friday evening record that is substantially different from last Friday’s record, and alongside learning lines for midweek filming as well.


    Ben Saunders

    Too be honest, part of the allure of going to see a live show is the possibility of them cocking it up. The smeg ups end up being funnier than a lot of the gags, and I feel it could still be a terrific experience with a few fuck ups. Obviously if it was just consistent fuck up after fuck up it would get old fast, but one or two here or there has the potential to be very funny.

    From what Doug said in that one interview though he said he might write a brand new story for it, and somehow I feel if it was a new story i’d want them to fuck it up a bit less, I dunno



    Shoot late 2018 after DJ for a late 2019 broadcast? Much like X’s production?

    Dare they make two series again? I think they’d only do that if Doug didn’t direct them all?



    I think they’ll make 2 series at least.


    Kris Carter

    Personally, I think a live show is as bad an idea as the movie. Just keep making the episodes guys, please…. let’s not waste another x-number-of-years on a project that halts the show production.


    Ben Saunders

    A live show would be so much FUN, if they could do it off-season and have it not interfere with the production of the show. Maybe do it as a kind of episode seven to XVIII.


    Pete Part Three

    I’m not sure I totally get the reasoning behind a live show. To me, it seems like an attempt to recapture the atmosphere of the studio recordings on a wider scale. And, er, charge for it.

    The reason the studio recordings are so enjoyable is not just because it’s new Red Dwarf. It’s also because you have 4 guys who, let’s be frank, like showing off in front of an audience. It’s why they were able to squeeze a couple of videos dedicated to nothing more than bloopers.

    A stage show should be a different prospect entirely. I don’t really need something like the Bottom shows where people just wanted Ade and Rik to fuck up in amusing (and possibly rehearsed) ways.


    pi r squared

    It’s also because you have 4 guys who, let’s be frank, like showing off in front of an audience.

    But isn’t that more of a point in favour of the live shows, not against them?


    Ben Saunders

    What pi said

    Also the allure of seeing the boys in person is similar to why you’d go to a gig rather than just stick a CD on


    Pete Part Three

    >But isn’t that more of a point in favour of the live shows, not against them?

    Not really, no. I don’t go to a stage show or watch Red Dwarf on the telly to see Chris, Craig, Danny and Robert showing off. Them showing off adds an extra dimension to the recordings and makes fuck-ups part of the fun, but it’s not really The Point.



    I agree that i don’t get why Doug is so fond of doing a stage show.

    You can certainly make a stage show out of it while going through old sketches but i don’t really think Red Dwarf suits one enough to bother with it.

    Maybe its just an experiment doug wants to try.


    Me Own Stunts

    The closest I want to get to a Red Dwarf stage show is Series VIII. That series has all the hallmarks of something like Bottom Live: overegged performances that seem to be pitched more for the live audience than the viewers at home, and a raucous, sycophantic audience cheering and clapping.



    Me Own Stunts, Maybe because the audience… I don’t know. Found it funny maybe?



    It’s lovely that everyone is trying to justify/rationalise the live show idea from an ‘artistic merit’ or ‘suitability’ perspective when surely a major factor behind it is the fact that these things can be incredibly lucrative compared to, say, the returns from making a TV show?


    International Debris

    Apart from the money factor, I think it’s just something that would be fun all round. The cast would enjoy it, it’d be a different dynamic, far more people could actually see them live than on the filming nights, and it’d probably be enjoyable to watch. Given their ages, they don’t have that many years left in them now, so why not do something big and fun like this while they still can?


    Ben Saunders

    The audience fucking loved VIII, didn’t they? At least two rounds of applause per episode, at least three in Krytie TV. What the fuck was in the water that year.



    If they did a live show on a shoestring budget and charged 30 quid a go for it to finance XIII and XIV extra gloss then I’m all for it.

    City halls, 2000+ seats, 20 venues across the country, £1,000,000 for model shots and special effects.

    Peppers ghost stage effects. Dramatic re-enactments of the greatest stories ever told 20 times on the DVDs haha



    >City halls, 2000+ seats, 20 venues across the country, £1,000,000 for model shots and special effects.

    “When I say a tour, I mean do a live show at the O2, so we need to get a schedule that works for the O2 and certainly for Red Dwarf XIII. Probably if we did a Red Dwarf XIII and XIV, it would make the O2 live show more difficult.”

    He added: “So we’ll probably do Red Dwarf XIII, live show and come back and probably do XIV afterward that.”


    Ben Saunders

    If that all happened over the next 3 or 4 years I’d be a very content Dwarf fan indeed



    Can’t see it at the O2. What would that be like? Disney on ice? Half scale Starbug in the rigging that flies around above the audience? Tongue Tied live dance number? I’d think a more low key theatre setting would suit Dwarf and the budget better but whatever I’ll probably go anyway.


    Ben Saunders

    I think Craig Charles at one point specifically mentioned Starbug flying in over the crowd, so that

    Might be cool


    Pete Part Three

    Not actually funny though.



    plus what if it falls on somebody, you’re asking for trouble there


    Ben Saunders


    I’m sure they’ve done shit like that before

    Also, large bits of The Inquisitor aren’t funny, they’re cool, and Starbug flying over an audience is kind of cool, imo



    It’s also be made of polystyrene probably, or a fire retardant foam, so I doubt it would do much damage if it fell on anyone. They could even make it hollow and put a giant helium balloon in it, fly it round freely.


    Ben Saunders

    Can’t they just build it for real?



    I think they should do that for XIII. Like the millennium falcon. Full scale in a field, blue curtain around it for compositing. When there’s a Starbug scene film it handheld and pipe it in to the studio. Would be great. And then take it on a tour of Britain.

    I would honestly build a full-scale Starbug if I won the Euromillions.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    The O2 is a terrible venue for comedy.



    I hope it wouldn’t be a worthwhile original story, because I wouldn’t get to see it.



    There’s always the DVD! Which they would definitely release, maybe with a cardboard outer slipcase. For slightly more than a normal TV series DVD costs.


    Ben Saunders

    That interview with that woman that guy made that thread about that week, she did another interview with DJJ who gives off the impression that Doug is working hard on the logistics of the live show, and makes it sound like a thing that’s actually going to happen.

    That’s how he makes it SOUND, mind you



    Ben, link is 404 Not Found



    Change the ampersand to a question mark.


    Ben Saunders

    When did they change that? Might be because it’s a mobile link. I hate how they do that, stupid phone

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