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    The Lost Honour of John Q. Space-Citizen

    Doug Naylor writes a dry but thoughtful sequel to Timewave where the psychological flaws of the supporting characters are explored further in an attempt to figure out why society onboard the S.S. Enconium has regressed in the light of its once progressive outlook.

    Halfway through, Doug gets bored and just wanks off over everything while shouting IT WAS BETTER IN THE ’70S, YOU COULD SHOUT AT PAKIS AND TOUCH WOMEN’S ARSES WITHOUT BEING ACCUSED OF SOMETHING SEEDY.

    Guest appearance from Tony Slattery as Hey Mon McWhite, the Jamaican air conditioner.



    I think we already have a thread for this sort of thing



    It’s painful enough having to sit and wait for Ganymede to reload like it’s being served off a fucking C64 tape without clicking through thousands of posts.

    Why is Ganymede so bloody slow with switching pages anyway? You click the link and it takes about three seconds to get to it.



    Three seconds is really not a long time, lol


    Flap Jack

    The problem with this thread is that it’s only good for Series XIII and XIV. What do we do when we want to come up with ideas for Series XV episodes or Series XXIX episodes? Go off topic? Not gonna happen.

    I pledge my loyalty to the original thread.



    I think there should be several episodes which are just contrived puns on the titles of previous ones.



    Now you’re talking!

    Out of Thyme

    Kryten runs out of seasoning for the chicken stew



    The Bend

    An EMI executive mishears the title of Radiohead’s seminal 1995 album ‘The Bends’ but is corrected soon after.

    In space.

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