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    Despite being one of the biggest perpetrators of “any time is a good time to complain about VIII”, I’ll happily admit there are still lots of really good jokes in it, and even a few interesting ideas thrown in there too. So I thought, in light of the recent VIII is flawed thread, it might be a nice idea to have a place to talk about what we actually like about it.

    While Rimmer’s “We’re finished” in its own context can be annoying, it’s absolutely justified for Holly’s “You’re finished” long answer joke.

    Kryten’s joke about “dinosaur bowel movement frequency tables” is one of my favourite lines in the whole of Red Dwarf. Something about that particular combination of words really, really tickles me.

    Holly’s cell inspection heads-up is a superbly performed gag.

    For all the bad plotting issues I have with “Kryten figured it out”, Chris’s reading of that phrase is bloody great.

    Attack of the Giant Savage Completely Invisible Aliens.

    “You’re going to squeeze their rolls?”

    In b4 blank posts suggesting there are no best bits, or people saying “nothing”, or similar.


    Brylcreem is good until the explanation.

    The post’s arrived is a good silly gag.

    The recreation of the Series I-II set is a nice moment.


    even though it’s a silly idea, I like Bobby Llew’s acting when he reveals he’s been classed as a woman…I loved Holly appearing and hearing the cheer, and Cassandra is still pretty good. I like the brig idea and Kill Crazy is the ultimate cult RD character…I actually liked the blue midgets dancing and the claymation part…oh yeah, and I thought Rimmer being “old Rimmer” again was fun.


    TBF I love that Geraldine McEwan was in Red Dwarf and I love that her episode stood head and shoulders above the others.

    The prison sets are good (although most of the rest of the ship sets aren’t really).

    Kochanski’s “no wonder I couldn’t lure him out with a bit of cheese” is probably her best line in the whole of VIII and she doesn’t ham it up. In fact she does a very good job with the most thankless, underwritten role throughout the series.

    Rimmer not realising Lister’s appeal is about guitar strings in funny, although nothing about the way it plays out or pays off is.

    If VII hadn’t set him off down this path already it would have been infuriating BUT Kryten had already spent a series becoming so erratic that by the start of VIII that it was quite amusing to see the new/old crew regarding him as dangerously deranged.


    oh yeah, and I thought Rimmer being “old Rimmer” again was fun.

    I’ve not watched the series often enough to pinpoint what exactly changed, but to me he just seemed a lot more relaxed, happy at times, and smiled a lot more than we’d seen previously.

    I’d have to rewatch to pinpoint much more, but one thing that does stands out is the ridiculously long salute to Hollister. I know there are people who don’t like it, but even seeing just that clip never fails to make me laugh :D


    One of the best things about series VIII in my view is that Kryten looked the best he had in years. Much better than in VI or VII.


    The wrong number gag, Kill Crazy knocking himself unconscious, the Have A Fantastic Period banner, and Rimmer editing the others in BITR3 are the first things that come to mind. Rimmer and Tony Slattery’s dispensing machine is good. Ackerman’s pretty good. I’m afraid I also like Kryten and Kochanski’s deeply stupid hospital patient disguises, and Rimmer and Lister in Ackerman’s quarters.


    Also, despite the Data Doctor I think that scene where Kryten is restored to his factory settings and then tested is nicely done and has an oddly sinister sort of atmosphere. It’s the only bit of VIII I can think of where it lets up, just a little.


    “Welcome to the Tank.”

    That deep sinister voice. If only they’d ended the episode there.

    Flap Jack

    I feel bad, because I know there were good gags in series VIII, but if you ask me to recall series VIII moments, the bad stuff just all comes flooding in and makes it difficult to remember the good.

    I liked most of Kill Crazy’s lines (not the ones where he’s being a pervert in Krytie TV).

    I liked Cassandra’s facial expression as Lister’s accidentally setting off the chain reaction that kills her. Just that look of tired contempt.

    I liked all of the principal cast having to casually repeat the name of the chameleonic microbe antidote one after another in that deleted scene, specifically because it was deleted.


    Hm, seems we’re already resorting to stuff that isn’t actually in the series. VIII definitely has my favourite bunch of smeg ups. I remember being creased when I first saw them on the DVD, as I’d taped the series when it was first broadcast so didn’t bother getting the videos.


    The trailer.

    Renegade Rob

    As someone who tells his friends getting into the series to skip from VII to IX, I thought I wouldn’t have much good to say, but after thinking on it, I do think that Series VIII does indeed have a (relatively meager) “pile of good things” as a wise man once put it:

    1) Chris Barrie is quite good throughout the series, and Rimmer in general is on fine form, give or take some simulated sex crimes. His sarcasm and delivery are much appreciated even in the stupider episodes, and seeing old Rimmer be reintegrated with the newer set of Dwarfers was fun. “The big picture involves you, no clothes, and a haystack.”

    2) Cassandra is a pretty decent episode top to bottom. The gags of them trying to shield Rimmer but he falls down a hole as well as the Cat attacking Lister after learning he can’t die but Lister remarking that he can still feel pain are solid. The good bits of VIII can be disheartening because it make you realize the squandered potential and missed opportunities. If more episodes of VIII were as good as Cassandra, I wouldn’t be whinging.

    3) Back in the Red, Part 1 vaguely flirts with being sort of great in terms of storytelling. In particular it plays with some interesting concepts, although it only touches on them and the series never really follows up. But Lister talking to old Rimmer and explaining how he’s matured from the pre-accident days, as well as the visual of Series VI-VII-era Lister setting foot back in the original sleeping quarters. There’s a satisfying full-circle-ness that the episode sporadically hits upon. Even the shoutouts to Legion and Lanstrom sort of provide a scenario where everything the Dwarfers encountered in their earlier series adventures is being brought back and applied to their original pre-accident status quo. That’s a cool idea that hopefully a parallel universe’s Series VIII would have expounded upon instead of pivoting to a prison arc.

    4) That said, the prison set was pretty cool-looking. And with the Canaries and Hollister, the setup was there to do a sort of hybrid Dwarf where you get the bunkroom scenes with Stasis Leak-esque check-ins with the Captain combined with the investigating of derelicts and sci-fi shenanigans of the middle series. There’s a good series in there somewhere.

    5) Lister and Rimmer. One of the best things for me about VIII was the new Lister/Rimmer dynamic, which was refreshingly not purely adversarial like the olden days. Lister is genuinely glad to be hanging out with Rimmer, and their partners-in-crime schtick actually sort of works on occasion. And some of the bunkroom exchanges are legitimately decent. The Argyle Somerfield carpet-burns scene, while far from perfect, was a genius way to open the series, reestablishing the tone and priorities. It was all downhill from there, but gotta give credit where it’s due.

    6) No matter how thankless the story or dialogue could get, if was always, always a treat to have Mac McDonald around. He’s very good in Series VIII even despite the fact that the character has been kind of Flanderized into Dennis the Doughnut Boy, whereas the Series I-II Version, while a source of humor, largely seemed to be a competent, down-to-earth leader and officer. It’s a testament to how game Mac is that the sillier version of Hollister is still a welcome presence.

    Those for me are the “Best Bits of VIII.” While there are isolated gags and one-liners that are decent, for me the “best” bits of VIII are the moments that reveal glimmers of potential that it woefully underdeveloped but are still sporadically there.


    “Word’s out they’re going to throw the book at you, Listy! Followed by the bookcase, and then the library, brick by brick.”

    Love that line and, in particular, Chris’ perfect reading of it.

    I also really like the prison sets.

    Kris Carter

    I love the overall visuals of the series.

    Kryten’s assessment with Dr McLaren was great.

    The reappearance of Chen and Selby was really nice to see.

    Some epic lines, I loved “Follow the Rimmer-shaped blur!”

    The delayed-time fight in Hollister’s office was superbly done.

    Cassandra – a great performance.

    A few islands of fun in a sea of pap.


    Rimmer editing the others in BITR3

    Oh yes, how did I forget that one. Both “everything we’re saying is being bananas” and “I’m going to cut off both his b-blunt knife” are top gags.

    I’ll add to Kill Crazy knocking himself out by mentioning the nicely underplayed visual of him with the bruise later on.

    Mac’s performance when he walks in on Rimmer and the vending machine having an argument is bloody tremendous.

    pi r squared

    I liked Cassandra’s facial expression as Lister’s accidentally setting off the chain reaction that kills her. Just that look of tired contempt.

    Truly brilliant. I also love her similar, weary look earlier in the episode in response to Rimmer’s “Have you seen this?” and flipping her the bird.

    Even though it’s not a series I go back to very often, it’s nice that we can list some positives at least. The Brylcreem gag itself (minus its explanation), cell inspection, the video editing, the delayed fight, the second ground controller (some great work from Jeillo Edwards) – all superb moments. Even the “heard the news about Miss Kochanski?” conversation in Krytie TV is a rare Series VIII of a joke becoming funnier as it continues rather than outstaying its welcome.

    Flap Jack

    Rimmer returning from the mirror universe in Only The Good… was genuinely pretty well done drama for me. The ship being completely on fire, the antidote formula being destroyed, Rimmer being approached by Death. It all worked to evoke that feeling of “oh, shit just got serious!” which is pretty rare in the show.

    The drama was undermined by the goofs of the “Only the good die young!” groin kick (which I did kind of enjoy, not gonna lie) and “The Smeg It Is”, which means it pales in comparison to Out of Time, but still.


    Lister’s bit about the 83 year old actor was actually quite funny imo


    honestly, i really like most of VIII. so i won’t list my favorite moments here because i think there’s loads and loads of good stuff in it. Cassandra has always been one of my all-time favorite episodes, i really like Krytie TV and Pete as well. Back In The Red goes on too long and i think Only The Good should have stuck with the original ending, but other than that I really enjoy VIII overall, more than anything in the Dave era tbh. i understand why people don’t like it, but for me it’s a really fun series to watch


    the second ground controller

    “Come back, Mr. Sucks!” is almost good enough to warrant the Blue Midget dance.


    Graham McTavish really hams it up as Ackerman to make him very watchable.
    “She thinks my eyes are my loveliest feature. If I go like this… I’M ONLY HALF LOVELY!!!!”


    The choice of Barber’s Adagio for Strings in the final scene. I think a lot of that final scene worked very well – made me cry the first few times I saw it, even though it was after BTE so I already knew the characters would be back – but I’d have to rewatch to point out other specific bits. The music pulled everything together and really gave it that impact though.


    The drama was undermined by the goofs of the “Only the good die young!” groin kick (which I did kind of enjoy, not gonna lie) and “The Smeg It Is”, which means it pales in comparison to Out of Time, but still.

    The drama of the moment is supposed to be undermined to be fair.

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