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    The exact same reason they have dog’s milk.


    was the dog’s milk meant to be milk from a dog-as in, they milked a dog, or was it meant to be milk for dogs? i always took it as the former.


    The rule is about unquarantined animals. They were probably running tests on dogs down in that science lab tbh


    The “dog food” was the second Polymorph, dead or sleeping, that Lister unknowingly opened and ate the guts out of. The can of Beinz in Emohawk and the fact that real dog food actually tastes quite nice are blatant clues.

    Or the JMC originally allowed pets, but the Inquisitor replaced the bloke in charge of that with someone who created the ‘no pets’ rule. When the Inquisitor’s work was undone in series 5, the changes rippled back through the timeline to series 3 (hence dog food can) but hadn’t reached series 1 by the time that was recorded (hence no pets).

    Or those series are in different universe anyway so it doesn’t matter.

    Or guide/security dogs are allowed.


    I thought from the novel that the dogs milk is just an extreme bottom of the barrel cheap store for if the ship is stranded somewhere. I thought Holly uses up all the other milk sources.


    Yeah, dogs milk is definitely emergency rations level.

    Excellent response to the dog food point though.

Viewing 6 posts - 101 through 106 (of 106 total)
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