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    So I have watched Red Dwarf from the beginning. I actually prefer the opening credit music from the first two series. Apologies if it has been discussed before, but I prefer the bleak, hopelessness of the opening music from the first two series combined with the comedic closing music, instead of the reworked series 3 onwards opening music coming from the closing credits.Discuss.

    Ben Saunders

    I’ve always thought the 1 + 2 opening suits the tone of the guest two series, and the latter series’ openings suit the tone of the latter series, but I’m fully aware that I may just have been conditioned to think that way. The 1+2 opening is epic, absolutely beautiful music and majestic model shots, but the UII+ opening is definitely more upbeat and attention grabbing for a more general audience who perhaps aren’t that into sci-go or long, slow shots of spaceships.

    Is the III+ opening shorter? If it gives us slightly more episode then maybe it’s worth it.


    I think autocorrect might have done a bit of a number on you there Ben.


    Possibly controversial opinion, but I’m not a big fan of the guitar opening theme. The fast-paced montage is quite entertaining in itself, but the theme doesn’t do much for me, nor does it quite fit my image of the show. Much, much prefer the 1 & 2 opening. And I say this as someone who’d only seen the 1 & 2 opening a handful of times before the DVDs came out.

    Cast names have ruined the opening montages for me (their static nature is so jarring compared to the fast pace of the clips), so I particularly miss the first two series ones these days.


    I wish they’d have the cast names in comic sans font and light up in different colours in the new intros.


    I just about caught series 2 on first broadcast and I did indeed think the new theme tune for Backwards was a bit brash and lacking in class. I love it now and a new montage is always very exciting.

    Toxteth O-Grady

    Of the two styles I prefer the montage/guitar one, but I agree that each one suits that series’ tone well.

    The first two series are are much more subdued, and less dynamic than what would follow.
    From series 3 onwards the show has a greater penchant for explosions, creature effects, visual effects, Starbug crashes, and physical comedy; so the more upbeat theme tune suits those elements better.

    Anyone unfamiliar with the show who is channel hopping might see the original title sequence and think “This looks like a sci-fi thing, probably like Star Trek or 2001.”
    Whereas the series 3 titles make it much more clear its a sci-fi comedy. What I particularly like about the use of the montages is they really sell the show’s uniqueness, and the over-driven rock guitar theme really compliments that.

    The best montage sequence for me is easily the Series V titles, in particular because it demonstrates how there’s not really any other show like it on TV.
    You’ve got spaceships, hooded beings with glowing eyes, bazooka firing, a guy with an H on his head, a glove puppet, some kind of reptilian hands, strangulation, a person being turned into a skeleton, a robot headbutting a wall, a half naked man chained up, a guy with pointed teeth, and lots and lots of explosions.
    If that didn’t pique your interest in a show, I don’t know what would.

    Having the cast names included I really dislike though. Makes it feel like ‘Friends’ in space.

    Ben Saunders

    Is having the cast names in the credits a legal thing now?


    A few of the opening sequences are annoyingly spoilery – I mean about episode resolutions and reveals rather than things you’d reasonably see in a trailer or DVD cover (Kochanski’s back, everyone’s Kryten).

    – I was disappointed that the XII titles showed an old Lister de-ageing before we’d even seen him age, and some people immediately figured out we were seeing the radiation leak happen again in Skipper.

    – IV has the curry monster exploding and Cat high-fiving himself, but most people would still be surprised when that happens and at least it’s episode 1 rather than 6. I like that the rubbish stock bird-dinosaur keeps you guessing/worried all through the series.

    – VI ridiculously shows Duane Dibbley (hooray!!!!!), what might be Ace Rimmer if you’re generous, and a non-ambiguous Polymorph sucking off Rimmer. I saw VI before the other series so wasn’t affected, but that’s going to steal what little thunder Emohawk has.

    – BTE is abundant in familiar imagery that suggests they’re in a Blade Runner world rather than Earth, but this caught me unawares at the time, and the G&T team from what I remember of the Dwarfcasts. Maybe the forum caught on.

    – XI has what’s obviously not Cat exploding into green goop and a pineapple that some people interpreted as a Polymorph, but still vague enough.

    To answer the question, the guitar theme is one of the happiest sounds in the world, but only in its correct place at the top of an episode. When I hear it in other places, like that XII VFX video posted recently, it seems a bit over-the-top.


    Has anyone ever covered the guitar theme with cats meows? Just realised I really want to hear that, it’d be ingeniously annoying.


    Is that a compilation of The Cat (as played by Strictly Come Dancing’s Danny John-Jules)’s meows, or a compilation of meows from hilarious YouTube videos of cats?


    > …and a non-ambiguous Polymorph sucking off Rimmer.

    Jaysus. Must have missed that.

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