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    I know that some of this has been said, & that many fans don’t want to even think about time wave,
    (sorry in advance)

    But Ziggy costume is clearly the one from Spaced that David Williams wore.
    Johnny vegas’ pink Policeman’s outfit is clearly one from Terry Jones/Simon pegg film
    “Absolutely Anything”. Are there any other costumes in that episode? With a known screen history?
    I would wage these are sourced from the same costume company.

    It would be interesting to know the script to screen timeline of the guest characters in this show,
    It feels less time or budget or deliberate “found items” approach to the design of this episode that
    very visually relyed upon a garishness for reaction.


    I’m genuinely lose respect for people who act like Timewave is Triump of the Will in 1080p. The mere mention of it’s name is cause for crying now? Lordy, lordy.

    Ben Saunders

    It really is fucking shite though. Right from the beginning the the shitty green screen effects, recycled jokes, discount VI feel, Chris Barrie saying “Planet Rimmer” in incredibly unfunny ways, a plot that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, the silliness jumped up to 11, the unfortunate homophobic undertones, the completely wasted concept of the Inner Critic, spit on her wrist….

    It does feel like Timewave had less effort put into it, like Doug was swamped with twelve scripts and one of them had to suffer the make the other 11 as good as they are. I don’t know how or if that attitude would carry over into the production design and costuming, though


    Come on Ben, don’t regurgitate shit we already heard before and hear the point I’m making.

    Plastic Percy

    Weren’t the spacesuits worn by Cat and Lister recycled from another show or film?


    Yeah, they’re referencing Space: 1999. I’m pretty sure they real ones are either deteriorated or in a museum so they’re probably new.


    I thought they were the same space suits used in Doctor Who.


    That reminds me of the costume of the Mercenoid in Can of Worms and how everybody pointed it out from Doctor Who when it originated from Riddick, and there were legit people calling for the BBC to tax Red Dwarf for using it. I mean, some people man.

    Flap Jack

    Fun fact about the production of Timewave: the costume selection was done by Linda Glover, the casting was done by Doug Naylor, and Howard Burden wrote the script.


    I imagine alot of 11 and 12 is recycled from other shows. it certainly would save money.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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