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    Serious discussion. For various reasons many people can relate with the characters in the show, be it Rimmer’s pessimism, Kryten’s cleanliness, Cat’s egotism or Lister’s laid back attitude. Which character resonates with you the most, and why?



    funnily enough i was thinking about making a thread on this topic, but i thought better of it.

    they all resonate with me more or less equally, but then surely that’s the point? they’re like the 4 different factors in an Eysenck personality test, there’s a bit of every one of them in you



    My brother once sincerely told me I’d ruined Red Dwarf because Rimmer reminded him too much of me.


    Nick R

    I bet a skutter would resonate pretty well if you hollowed out the base and used it as a loudspeaker cabinet.


    Ben Saunders

    Childhood is idolising Lister. Adulthood is realising Rimmer makes more sense.



    Parenthood is realising you’ve become Kryten.



    so what’s Cat



    He’s a member of the species felis sapiens, a lifeform who evolved from Lister’s pet cat Frankenstein.



    The curry monster is my spirit animal.



    mine is Man In Film from Krytie TV



    Gilbert is my main, main, main, main man!


    Plastic Percy

    Taiwan Tony. Because I’m a racist stereotype.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    Guys, I think you’ll find Jawscvmcdia said this was a serious discussion. Have some respect.


    Pete Part Three


    The Curry Monster.


    International Debris

    Probably the Escort Boots.


    Flap Jack

    I relate to Talkie Toaster the most, because I constantly badger everyone in my life about the same topic so much that I drive them to murderous rage.

    And I judge people’s worth by how much they like toast.



    The one who doesn’t say anything in the toilet scene of Back In The Red part 2.


    Taiwan Tony

    That thing in the book where Rimmer tries to get that shot in the bin… That.


    Taiwan Tony

    Or that bemused bloke in the shower in Stasis.



    A pea on toast.



    Pinky and smegging Perky


    Pete Part Three






    International Debris



    Pete Part Three


    (You know, the Pink Policeman)


    Bargain Bin Holly

    The Quagaars


    Pete Part Three

    The Krankies



    The woman in Backwards who eats an eclair but only goes and gets it all over her face



    My mother


    International Debris

    Bearstrangler McGee



    Kilk razey



    Sabrina Mulholland-Jjones


    Taiwan Tony


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