Excellent. Back In The Red has noticed another Series III DVD extra listed on the BBFC. Entitled Film Inserts, it lasts for 7 minutes and 11 seconds. These must be the model shots; not only are they the only kind of film inserts in Red Dwarf, but it’s also labelled as silent (like the previous model shot extras). I wonder why it was renamed from “Model Shots”, like the previous two DVDs, though. Incidentally, Series I’s lasted for 5 minutes exactly, and Series II’s for 4m 14secs. So we’re getting more, which is fantastic, but predictable given the more ambitious nature of the effects from this point onwards.

Anyway, the thought of 7 odd minutes of this is making me rather excited, so if you’ll excuse me… mmm… Starbug crashing… ohhh…

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