The Darkness are RUBBISH. Ask Ian.

Now, take Christmas. What did we do Christmas Day? Well, we thought it would be a nice idea to run a competiton. And rather than have incredibly easy questions, we thought we’d make you work at it; however, I will helpfully suggest that the answers to the following are not a million miles away from here…

  1. Who was originally going to play the DNA Computer?
  2. What were the original episode titles of Krytie TV?
  3. What was unusual about the re-cap at the start of Nanarchy?
  4. How many pages are there in Random Abstract Memory?
  5. How does Norman Lovett claim to have got two daughters?
  6. How many people watched the first broadcast of The End?
  7. On what date was Craig Charles arrested on suspicion of rape?
  8. On what date was the second draft of the script to The Inquisitor completed?
  9. Name five actors who have appeared in both Red Dwarf and The Brittas Empire.
  10. Who was the first person to sing Tongue Tied, and who was the first to
    compose music for it?

And the prize? Well, how does a signed copy of Incompetence sound? We might even chuck in a few other little goodies as well. Send your entries to – the closing date is December 31st, and the winner will be announced shortly after (chosen completely at random from the correct entries; if nobody answers all 10 correctly, the ones with the most correct go into the draw). The compo is open to everyone except me and Ian. Have fun. Or at least try not to slit your throat.

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