Just a short report on this tonight; a proper one will appear in the next couple of days. But how did our shows do?

Brittas got in at 47; it’s very disappointing that it didn’t get higher, but for a show that appears to have been largely forgotten, it’s a wonder that it got into the Top 50 at all. Dwarf entered the chart at 18; a respectable position, beating loads of other great shows. In fact, if I’d thought it would get that high, I might have been tempted to organise some kind of campaign to get it into the Top 10…

The piece on Dwarf was pretty shite, really; whilst most of the clips were of the original, not the Re-mastered series, the odd clip of the Re-mastered Red Dwarf and Starbug from the opening credit sequence did slip in. And predictably, the word smeg was discussed at great length, as though it’s somehow what makes the series funny. I’ll do a transcript of the piece, along with Brittas, in the proper article.

The show only outlined the Top 50; the BBCi site for the show gives the full results for 11-100. As you all know full well, the Top 10 will each be given their own show over the next 10 weeks; first up is John Sergeant, arguing for Blackadder. Should be pretty entertaining. More entertaining than cunting David Dickinson on OFAH, anyway.

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