Ooh, it takes a montage.

I got a letter from GNP today, which I assume all fan film competition entrants recieved. It says that as well as the full winning films appearing on the DVD, some of the runners-up will feature in a montage of the best bits from other films. Coo!

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  1. Observation Dome! Fuck, yeah!
    Doming is the only way, yeah!

  2. Cappsy! Fuck yeah!
    Seb! Fuck yeah!
    Flibble! Fuck yeah!
    Austin! Fuck yeah!


  3. I wonder how many total entries there were. That montage is a good idea, especially considering certain entries…won’t be of a…quality to be fully shown…ahem.

    GNP your game is through, ’cause now you have to answer to da Monkey, fuck yeah!

    Derka derka.

  4. Yep, I got mine too. Whether the whole film gets shown or not, it’s still an exciting prospect.
    In fact, should our film not win (and I don’t honestly think it will), I think I know which clip would make it onto a montage…

  5. Do you remember the secret signal?

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