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  • I don’t get how it can have a second series. What, does that mean he’s still in a coma at the end of this series. If so that’s a little disappointing.

  • It’s probably a bit like Lost – I doubt the writers have even decided, yet, exactly what the situation is. There seems to be little doubt that, in “our” time, Sam is actually in a coma – but they’re yet to establish whether his “spirit” has actually travelled to the Seventies, or if it’s all a massive dream. I’d say the former seems to be the most likely scenario, but who can say.

    It’s perhaps a little frustrating that we won’t see a resolution any time soon; but that’s balanced out by wanting to see more of what is, after all, a fantastic show. I’d liken this to the US Office, a show that me and my girlfriend take great joy in downloading each week. It’s immensely frustrating that Pam and Jim (the Dawn and Tim equivalents) won’t get together, especially as developments in the US show have gone far past those of the UK one; however, they can’t get together before the series ends, as that would ruin the dynamic. So the news that it’s been recommissioned for a third series of twenty-two episodes is at once exciting (for getting 22 more eps of comedy greatness) and frustrating (for having to wait at least that long for a resolution)…

  • As posted in the ‘Life on Mars’ entry (but it’s so important, I figured I’d mention it twice):

    The first episode is finally repeated (with signing as part of ‘the sign zone’) on Monday night at 1.40am on BBC1.

    This has been a public service announcement.


  • >Is this repeat courtesy of the Sign Zone?

    >The first episode is finally repeated (with signing as part of ‘the sign zone’)


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