We’re still in the game!

See that virtual man?  See his cold, dead, trapped eyes yearning to escape his virtual prison?  That's you, that is.

In an article that could well win awards for featuring the biggest leap in logic ever, PrisonPlanet.com has been theorising on the similarities between Sony’s new online community software Home with the fictional virtual reality concepts seen in The Matrix, Red Dwarf and Phil Dick’s Time Out of Joint along with their less than desirable situations and concequences.

Apparently Sony’s Home (due to be released later this year on their ‘brilliant’ new PS3) is just the next step towards a terrifying reality where BABIES are born into a ‘Matrix’ style system and people are FORCED to pay EXTORTIONATE prices to escape to VIRTUAL LANDSCAPES. It’s certainly a stretch, especially since Home is looking to be no more than a multiplayer version of The Sims, and it reads like the lunatic ravings of yet another journalist who’s just hat little bit too scared of videogames. The fact that they’re using complete fiction to back up their concerns doesn’t do a great deal to help their argument, either.

Still, it’s nice to see Dwarf dragged up to show us where this obsession of virtual reality is apparently taking us. At least someone is paying attention to the themes of our favourite show, even it is for the purpose of a load of tosh. Make of the article what you will, but if you believe everything it’s implying, we could all be waking up as Duane Dibley, trapped in a terrifying distopia doomed to commit suicide, before you can say “Exit! Exit!”. I’m scared.

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  1. So its a cross between The Sims and MSN Messenger.

  2. Or… it’s just a console version of Second Life.

  3. G&T Admin

    PS-wee, more like.

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