As reported on TOS, Chris Barrie features in the latest podcast by The Sci-Fi Guys. I have my own opinions as to how good a podcast I think it is, but I shall keep them to myself considering MY FUCKING VOICE on the Dwarfcasts. Their website is fucking awful, though.

The introduction to Chris’ section comes in 1 hour 13 minutes into the ‘cast – and to us lot, there’s not a huge amount that’s new. (I allowed myself a HUGE laugh when the presenters stated “I don’t think it could ever cost 70 or 80 grand to produce an episode of Red Dwarf”, though. Erm, yeah. It would cost A HELL OF A LOT MORE, you silly billies.) I really like Chris’ idea for another Massive series, though – Massive Genius, all about the people involved in making all the wonderful vehicles. That’s a great idea, and I’d love to see it made.

However, the one really interesting thing that Chris comes out with is the following:

“There are people, I would say, at the moment, working towards, y’know, something new on the horizon. Let’s put it like that.”

That would mean nothing, except for one thing – one of the presenters also states the following:

“…but I will say this. Chris Barrie did say on the stage that… there may be a project that the cast are working on… that’s not Red Dwarf.”

Oooh, remind you of anything? And considering what mick said about this thread on Robert’s forums, and that Andrew has said the video is nothing to do with GNP, then it all links together. It’s all the cast, and Ed Bye, working on a script that is nothing to do with Red Dwarf.

“No shit, Sherlock” is the phrase you’re looking for.

My first reaction to the video was a slight distaste that we were clearly being played. This was replaced with a sense of fun, as we were trying to figure out what it was. But now we pretty much know what it is – the general idea, if none of the specifics – it leaves a slightly nasty taste in the mouth, for me. The YouTube video is tagged with ‘red dwarf movie script’, and the whole thing is clearly set up to make the fans wonder whether the movie is finally happening. Seeing as that’s what most Dwarf fans dream of – it seems like using people to take their hope, just to get a buzz around your own project.

I’m sure it wasn’t intentional – I expect it was just meant as a bit of fun, and they hoped we’d be excited that they were doing something together again – and, indeed, I look forward to seeing what they all come up with. But frankly – we would all have been interested in what they were doing without making veiled hints as to the Movie. As it is… I almost feel disappointed, and slightly tricked and used, before I’ve even seen what they’ve come up with. And that’s a shame.

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  • Ignoring the video for a second, it would be interesting to see what the cast and Ed would come up with if it does come about.

    In some ways it seems like quite a strange idea to me. When casts tend to work together on different shows, it tends to be those with range who are successful. Now for Chris Barrie that wouldn’t be a problem but for some of the other cast members…Well, Craig has already demonstrated his range by going from playing a chirpy scouser on Dwarf to a chirpy scouser who drives a taxi on Corrie. Robert was perfectly cast as Kryten but I’m not sure how good he will be playing a different character as well. I also have some reservations about whether Ed Bye’s directing abilities have diminished over the years.

    That said, I welcome anything new from those guys and hope that it confounds my modest expectations.

  • Yeah, that does seem somewhat cruel, a lot more cruel than Doug “keep[ing] all [us] Red Dwarf fans hanging on” by not giving up on the movie. If it had been him who made that, wanting to get people excited about it again because he hasn’t given up on it himself, then that I could pretty much understand, especially if things were finally moving forward. But as Andrew said it has nothing to do with GNP, it’s just a bit wank, really (especially as it seems so obviously staged). Wonder whose bright idea it was, then?

  • I guess it did the job though. It has got people talking about what the cast were doing together and at least something new from them, even if it’s not a movie, is better than nothing.

  • >That said, I welcome anything new from those guys and hope that it confounds my modest expectations.

    I agree with every word in that sentence.

  • Whatever they do will be slagged off because it’s not Dwarf. Still, it’s definitely worth looking forward to.

    It would be good if people stopped going on about the movie now. The chances of it are slimmer than Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

  • > The chances of it are slimmer than Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

    Is your glass half empty by any chance Monkey?

  • Robert has mentioned in a couple of places that he has some exciting projects on the go which will be announced very soon. The thought that one of these projects may involve the rest of the ‘Boys from the Dwarf’ would be exciting indeed..

    The questions keep piling up though dont they. For me, this could be the biggest development in Dwarf since the announcement that the DVDs were finally happening..

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