I’m trying to think if there’s a quote less tedious and predictable than that one for this post. And I can’t think of one. Perfect.

Ah, it feels good to be back. Mainly because I was getting upset that Hemingway looked better than my design for this place. Anyway, the reason for the outage was pretty simple in the end – the server decided to, erm, switch itself off. For no reason. Unfortunately, the sysadmin was away, and Rich (our benevolent dictator/server guy) didn’t have net access this week – hence the delay in getting things sorted.

There was never any danger of loss of data, as there’s weekly off-site backups done by Rich – but I’ll make sure I’ll keep a weekly backup now too, so I can immediately switch servers if we need to. So we shouldn’t have this kind of problem again.

Right – back to work, then…

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  • Not worth a separate post, so just to say – sorry we’ve been down since Sunday. I tried to upgrade the backend system of the site, which unfortunately FUCKED UP. And my bloody database backup wouldn’t work, so I had to get the guy who owns the server do it.

    However, I’ve now got a better way of restoring the database, so this shouldn’t happen again.

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