Registration for this year’s Dimension Jump will be £5 cheaper for all those late comers among you.

Fan Club chairman James Bull is speaking:

The price to attend DJ will now be frozen at the current rates of £55 Members and £60 Non Members.

This price will be in affect from now until the event itself!

Now it’s even cheaper to see Red Dwarf live!

Normally the price of registration would increase by £5 in order to encourage early registrations, so this is good news for the willfully indolent among you who are yet to hand over your readies for a ticket.

Last year’s DJ was a spectacular success, so obviously I highly recommend you make the effort to come along this year. Not only will it offer you the chance to meet Rob Grant, David Ross, the VisFX boys and all manner of regular cast members but there’s literally a few attractive, like-minded people around for you to practice your mesma-stare on. Imagine!

So, register now and be sure to buy me a drink with your newly saved £5, LEST I DESTROY YOU.

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  • Also noted in a mail sent out by TOS is that there’s going to be a sneak peek at The Bodysnatched Collection, which I don’t think has been mentioned before. So, yet another reason to go…

  • I keep hearing about regulars that aren’t going this year (not counting you Karl, because you ARE going). I mean, it’s probably one of the most promising agendas ever…

  • I can’t believe that regulars are giving it a miss! To be honest they will miss something quite amazing, something huge in the scale of Red Dwarf, but i can’t say just yet, but it’s big! It’s worth the enty fee alone!

  • I think part of the problem is that it doesn’t look like many people are confirmed as guests, yet. Personally, I think having Rob and Doug at the same con (I would presume Doug’s going to be there, anyway!) makes it worth the entry fee alone. Hell, even if Doug isn’t there, having Rob Grant turn up for something specifically relating to Red Dwarf is worth the entry fee alone. But have any of the main cast confirmed, yet? Is it just an assumption that they will be there? I think that might be putting some people off.

  • > I would presume Doug?s going to be there, anyway!

    But Doug’s not been at a DJ for years! Why the sudden presumption?

  • There’s not that many regulars missing out. People can’t make every year obviously, and this year’s no worse than usual. It’s just that the people who are missing out this year never fucking shut up about it.

  • >But Doug?s not been at a DJ for years! Why the sudden presumption?

    Because I’m an idiot, and I’ve never been before.

  • Thanks for the feedback there, it’s not always possible to gauge how many and who will come. All of the guests listed are confirmed Seb, i only list them if they have replied to me personally, and as the list stands now they are all coming.

  • Too true (on the second point). I guess I’ve just fallen into acceptance that Doug wont make it, despite the fact that he’s said to try his best every year, but things usually get in the way (like being in Australia). At least we know he’ll eventually make it, anyway, even if it isn’t this year.

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