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  • I think it’s worth mentioning that I texted the ‘Any Question Answered’ service the other night with the poser “What is the best Red Dwarf fansite on the Internet?”. the answer was “The best Red Dwarf fansite on the Internet is http://www.smeg-head.co.uk“.


  • ” in which who was placed into suspended animation, and yes his job was to repair the chicken soup machines on board Red Dwarf, is there still hope. One can only ask is he alone.”

    , This is a comma. yes you’ve used one, but I think you just missed the space bar.

    ? This is a question mark. When you ask a question you are supposed to use this symbol as aid to help the reader understand that you are actually asking a question, rather than making a statement.

    Apart from those major errors, grammer are grate. Keep them up!

  • Oh, Jeebus. I feel I ought to point out this one, for “Me^2”:

    >but of course it cant last for long, and soon both Rimmers find them self?s arguing like a married couple.

    If married couples argue like the two Rimmers do in “Me^2”, that’s one deeply fucked-up marriage, right there.

    Have you seen some of the character synopses? I found this on Lister’s page:
    Origins : Found abandoned in a cardboard box under a pool table in a pub. Adopted, but father died : told that his father had gone to the same place as his goldfish. Later taken to child psychologist when found with his head down the bowl reading him the football results.

    I also found it on Kryten’s page, oddly enough. I mean, there’s also this–

    Ambitions?………….. Oh yes, more cleaning

    –which neatly ignores several series’ worth of important character development. That’s an oversimplification you find in all sorts of places, tho’.

  • The End Sinopsys:

    Crew Die. Lister on own. Rimmer alive. Cat brought back as hologram. holly did that.

  • > Also, read Craig Charles? actor page-thingy. Just reading the summary, how he?s ?gone from strength to strength?

    It might be brand new, depending on what KIND of strength we’re talking about…

  • Also, read Craig Charles’ actor page-thingy. Just reading the summary, how he’s “gone from strength to strength”, makes it blindingly clear that this page probably hasn’t been updated in years.

    (Still, one grammar/syntax/usage brownie point–precisely one–for using “principal” correctly under Chris Barrie’s actor thingy. That makes the count negative how many now?)

    Also also, for John’s “ooh, pardon” file:
    >Danny was a new comer to the acting scene, Red Dwarf was his first gig.

  • > It might be brand new, depending on what KIND of strength we?re talking about?

    Well, I did a lol.

  • Fwah! I found one!

    As well as contributing to the late night Channel 4 sketch show, Pushing up Daisies / Coming Next, Shris? main work in mid eighties was as one of the main voice artists for ITV?s Spitting Image.

    Who the hell is Shris?

  • Here’s the one for Krytie TV:

    “Kryten starts his own pirate TV station to entertain the prisoners which causes promblems with not only room mate Kochanski and Lister”

  • My favourite has to be the entry for ‘StarBug’:

    “Starbug, or at least the Starbug seen in the series is an interstellar transport ship seen periodically as the saga developed. It was used in seasons 6 and 7 when Red Dwarf was lost by Lister and subsequently turned into a planetoid by Nanobots.”

  • What I love is how it tries to download casino software (packed with spyware and such no doubt) and constantly asks if I want to join it’s casino. I know that web space can cost money and domain names too, but it happens every time I load the bloody front page. FUCK OFF. Pop Up blocker back on. More annoying than background music.

  • We are all lovers of Red Dwarf, and that is why we choose to do this for our uni project, after the project is completed and the site has been handed in we might decide to continue with the web page.

    Now it all makes sense.


  • About the site:

    “This site started out as a project that we where to do for out university course.”

    These people were at UNIVERSITY?!

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