Dr. Copperplate and Mr. Gothic

An excellent article on the Copperplate Gothic font – as used in the credits for Series V and VI.

I like Dwarf‘s usage of the font a lot, actually. It’s interesting that when set in the context of Dwarf, the font takes on a futuristic feel – very unlike its traditional usage. But it works.

At any rate, it’s precisely 278464% better than the dull look used for the VII/VIII credits…

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  1. The first time I’ve ever seen a topic about a font and not been on a design forum.

  2. It is kind of fascinating, however–how every aspect of a word, including how it looks, can have a profound effect on how effctively it conveys the concepts and subtle shadings of meaning those words have bound up in them.

    And you do have a point about the VII and VIII credits: they looked a little too “default Times New Roman in MS Word” to me, if that makes any sense–just a bit too sort of generic.

  3. Only you, Mr Hoare, could post an article on a font…

  4. But why wasn’t the article written in copperplate?

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