As Somebody pointed out in our forum, Play and Amazon have both added cover images for Back To Earth. It seems to be damn near identical to the version on display in Pricesmashers, which is, of course, an excellent touch. But there’s so many more details to take in…

Firstly, the words “The Director’s Cut” are proudly displayed along the top banner. This strikes me as slightly odd; it implies that it’s *only* the Director’s Cut, but of course the broadcast versions will be on the DVD too. This leads me to believe that this might be the inside of a reversible cover – something for the fans to cream over, with the outside being a tad more accessible. Something further to add to this theory – there are advertising laws that deal with displaying commercial releases within programming. That’s why album covers are blurred out in music videos, for example. It’s possible (though far from definite), that this is just one of two covers…

Other lovely details include the movie style credits, which can be best seen in the Play version. Andrew Ellard’s name on the front cover of a DVD, there. Also, note the PG certificate – is this a confirmed thing, or just an assumption for the benefit of the mock-up? There’s usually a little “TBC” thing if it’s the latter, and none of the things that have turned up on BBFC so far have been higher than PG.

Also interesting to note that the synopsis for the DVD on both Play and Amazon is a slightly different version to the one Lister reads out in Pricesmashers:

Back to Earth takes place after `series ten’. Kochanski is dead and the crew are hurled through a portal and discover they are just characters from a TV series. Knowing they will die in the final episode the Dwarfers, in best Blade Runner traditions, decide to track down their creators to discover how long they have left to live. First the crew attempt to track down the actors who play them in the series and their metaphysical odyssey begins…

The big difference is “discover how long they have left to live” rather than “to plead for more life”, but please, please, please, please put the Pricesmashers version on the back of the DVD. Please. As usual, I suspect TOS will answer all of the above questions and queries in due course, most likely on Friday. Sigh. When this DVD was first announced, I thought it was a ludicrously tiny amount of time between broadcast and release. But when you know you’ve got something so good to look forward to, it don’t half drag on…

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  • Those film style credits at the bottom look awesome. Infinity would look so fucking good right now!!!

  • Looks nice. It’s curious the case itself is labelled ‘The Director’s Cut’ as both versions are enclosed. I.e. ‘Includes Director’s Cut’ would certainly make more sense.

    Smeg. Slipped into pedantic mode there.* Who cares as long as it does the business, and so far so good.

    Some of the reviews on Play irritate me though, although it seems pretty much 50/50. Not that people who dislike it shouldn’t say so (everyone’s entitled to their opinion after all.) It’s just the tone and quick lazy references: “I won’t be watching this. I’ve seen The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse”, being an example.

    *EDIT- Ok, in the meantime of writing that, the same point was made in the expanded article. I don’t feel so bad about being a Pedant Percy now. ;)

  • I think it looks slightly cluttered and lacking in white (or black) space myself, but I’ll reserve judgement until I see the final cover in my hands…

  • Well, yes, the cover is a little busy, but I still like it … and I wants it now!!!

  • The front is fine. But I think the film credits are slightly poncey (this isn’t a film) and the spine is horrible.

    I’ll probably wait for the BD anyway.

  • Agree that the film credits are a bit grand to say the least. I don’t like it at all to be honest. It’s essentially just a big logo. Oh well, never judge a book…

  • He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Cover

    And the award for the most groan worthy G&T pun headline goes to Mr Symes.

  • >It?s essentially just a big logo.

    It would have been nice to have had something specific to the specials. Ok, it sort of does since the cover appeared that way in the programme, but…

    It is attractive though.

  • Nice enough. I’d have preferred something that wasn’t just a logo, as someone pointed out. But oh well.

  • I’d have preferred something in-keeping with the theme of the existing DVDs. A 3D render of the new Bunk Room, perhaps. Or the Price Smashers Bunk Room or something.

  • >I?d have preferred something in-keeping with the theme of the existing DVDs. A 3D render of the new Bunk Room, perhaps. Or the Price Smashers Bunk Room or something.

    Does this mean people who know photoshop will be making their own? Much like the cottage industry the Doctor Who DVDs have thrown up:

  • Bonus Features
    ? Cast Commentary
    ? Director Commentary
    ? All-New Exclusive Documentary
    ? The Making of Back to Earth
    ? Deleted Scenes
    ? Smeg Ups
    ? Featurettes
    ? Trailers
    Web Videos
    ? Photo Gallery
    ? Easter Egg

    From amazon. You can use the zoom tool on the cover picture to read the movie style credits on the bottom in hi-res on amazon. Just click the cover.

  • > All-New Exclusive Documentary

    Fucking. Yes. I’ve been hoping that we’d get a DVD style documentary on top of the ‘The Making Of’ but I never imagined the budget or time would stretch far enough but it *seems* that it has, and that’s fantastic news. It’s be the perfect companion to the broadcast docco.

    > Featurettes

    Oh, god, I hope we get a musical montage.

    > Trailers


  • I pre-ordered mine on March 6th. The fact that I’ve still got a month or so to wait just isn’t fair.

  • It isn’t a month. Besides I am not buying any DVDs from ‘The Deadly Assassin’ to ‘Back to Earth’ and I usually buy atleast 1 DVD a week, I think I might die over the next 3 weeks, you can die of lack of DVD right?

  • The last episode really rejuvenated my love of Dwarf. I last went to a convention in 1998 and I thought the party was over. I’m definitely up for Birmingham now. I want to fly the flag like Homer on the couch.

  • I wonder if Ellard will be on the other side of the camera for some of the DVD documentary?

  • Just saw an interesting ad on Dave announcing ‘Back to Earth in one sitting’ on (I think) Friday 22nd May. Might this be the fabled Director’s Cut?

  • > I wonder if Ellard will be on the other side of the camera for some of the DVD documentary?

    No chance! :-)

    I only did two interviews during the whole of BTE…and only one of those got used. I’ve stayed out of the firing line as much as possible!

  • Radio Times website has it as pt1/pt2/pt3. Same as the Easter Monday “one sitting”, I expect.

  • So it is a digi-pack and not amaray. I prefer amaray but really it is made a digipack to match the show so I won’t complain.

  • >Any particular reason they need a digipack for two discs?

    Because it was in the episode.
    This is going wreak havok at where to put the DVD, I like them to go down in size. I could put it next to ‘Bodysnatcher’ but that will be out of order.

  • This is going wreak havok at where to put the DVD

    I’ve just put them in order of release. Seems to make sense that way.

  • Well the official site’s copy of the cover has TBC written over the PG logo if you look closely, so looks like the rating is still not confirmed. Along with some handy info on what font to use on mock up BBFC boxes! ‘Helvecita’ is is! …apparently…

  • Love the fact that the cover features the pencil ship and Starbug, neither of which actually featured in that form.

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