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Get out your map, identify the nearest hill, and bloody well run for it because G&T are doing a Red Dwarf VIII commentary and that shit’s never pretty. In previous years the Krytie TV commentary decended into a pathetic, drunken argument, and the commentary for Cassandra was so soul crushingly depressing that we never even bothered releasing it.

This time Ian Symes (taking a brief break from vigorously bumming Rylan Clark in the Big Brother camera runs) and Daniel Stephenson (taking a brief break from being a Swedish) tackle the feature version of Pete, the combined version of the two worst episodes of Red Dwarf ever. HAVE FUN NOW.

DwarfCast 52 – Pete Commentary (96.5MB)

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  • Wow. You just invented the opposite of a laugh track. A tumbleweed track? A despair dub?

    Watching this back without the audio on and listening to this, makes series ten look all the more triumphant in it’s stripped back cohesion across most of it’s episodes at least. I’m also spotting how young they look compared the current series.

  • I understand every point made. It’s hard to disagree or defend anything much against the presented disdain you hold for this dino bumper episode, backed up by the survey results. And yet I’d still enjoy this or either part of pete over Duct Soup. Therefore this isn’t the worst dwarf pod cast I’ve ever suffered. The intro cast where they quite liked that episode made me wish I lived in another universe where people aren’t capable of such opinions.

  • I’m not sure I can bring myself to listen to this. Watching “Pete” is depressing enough under normal circumstances. ;)

  • I watched this version of Pete last weekend for a spoilercast and found that I enjoyed it more than I did before series X aired. It is a ridiculous pantomime, but there is fun to be had. It’s only the first few scenes of part two that really make me want to cry.

  • A good commentary and an interesting listen.

    The only thing I would add is to question how much money did they waste on the extended cast and extras? That basketball scene for example. It doesn’t make any real sense in the plot and they had to hire stacks of extras to film it. I know people complain about the budget for Series VIII but if they’d used it more wisely then there is no reason why they should have run out of money. Especially as they have produced on a much smaller budget since.

  • the commentary for Cassandra was so soul crushingly depressing that we never even bothered releasing it.

    Really? I thought that was considered ‘the good one’ of series 8. Or is it just that the quality of that episode highlighted how bad the other episodes are considered?

    Okay it’s all subjective I guess. What do I know, I liked ‘Beyond a Joke’ after all.

  • It was more we assumed it was a decent episode from memory, but when we watched it we all realised it still wasn’t very good. Also, booze.

  • Bump!

    Sorry guys but I’ve just listened to this excellent DwarfCast for the first time and I’m moved to comment on this episode.

    I’d forgotten quite how utterly, utterly shit this is (the whole extended mess).

    Part 2 in particular is like a nightmarish, weak cartoon version of a show that barely resembles Red Dwarf. The fucking dinosaur. The repetitive jokes. The cow. It lurches from scene to scene with no consistency. There’ve been weak episodes of Red Dwarf aside from this, but this a truly desperate, embarrassing 50 mins of television. The desperation is obvious in the script, the performances, the direction. All the cast resort to overplaying and face-gurning because the script is so lacking they’re trying literally anything to prop the material up. Watching the first 10 mins of part 2 is like a horrible fever dream. Look at intelligent and sharply funny stuff like Thanks for the Memory, White Hole and Back to Reality then look at this. Shameful. No matter what happens to Red Dwarf in the future, we should be grateful that it’ll never plumb these depths.

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