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DwarfCasts is back to ring in the new year with a commentary for Camille. The more observant among you will notice that this marks the completion of the another series, as Red Dwarf IV joins Red Dwarf 1 and Back to Earth in this illustrious club.

DwarfCasts from Ganymede & TitanSo join Jonathan Capps, Ian Symes, Danny Stephenson and guests Jezz Harrison and Tom Pyott as they watch through the episode and then, later, the additions of John Hoare, Tanya Jones and extra guest Jo Sharples to sum up our feelings on Series IV as one, glorious whole.

DwarfCast 67 – Camille Commentary (88.6MB)

We’re really starting to run out of good episodes, now, so I think it would be wise to brace yourselves for future commentary DwarfCasts because things might get a tad messy.

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  • I’m sure this has already been pointed out but the VHS order of series IV was the same as broadcast order. Although byte two had Dimension Jump as the titular episode, the running order was White Hole/Dimension Jump/Meltdown.

  • Inspired by this podcast to watch series 4 again this week. One thing sands out about this series I observed back in 2010 during a marathon session of every episode In series order was the amount of close ups – lot of heads loom large on screen. A hidden gem overshadowed by 3 and 5 – forgotten how good it is esp Justice.

  • I have to add a correction to this DwarfCast: I erroneously say that the music from Holoship is from St. Elsewhere. This is wildly inaccurate. I got my hospital dramas mixed up. It was actually from “Emergency Ward 10” an ITV drama from the 1960s.

  • I adore series four. The fact that everyone is settled and comfortable in their roles, and Rob and Doug know the characters and actors inside out. And it’s definitely* the series that serves Hattie the best.

    Also, and I know you don’t care, my own Silver Survey placings for RDIV were:
    8. White Hole
    9. Dimension Jump
    16. Camille
    23. Meltdown
    25. DNA
    26. Justice

    So there.

    *In my opinion. Fuck off and leave me alone if you disagree.

  • Great commentary as always, eagerly awaiting Commentarys on VII, VIII and X…especially Fathers and Sons. It would be interesting to do the series X Comms. once series XII is airing to coment on the difference and what has been learned in the gap…

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