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    …apparently so! And here’s their brief opinion on the DVD release:

    “The hype was huge, the viewing figures even bigger, but the disappointment? Oh, the disappointment. We wanted to love the return of Red Dwarf, but the complete lack of jokes was just too much to take. Yes the sci-fi plot was reasonably clever, but the humour was just so awkward and contrived that it can only be considered a disaster. So the DVD release is one for fans only, and blinkered fans at that…”

    Note this is the unofficial 360 mag, whereas the official one even but the BtE DVD in its release list, saying “we know it’s not for 360, but we don’t give a smeg!”

    So a valuable lesson for all… never trust unofficial products. *looks up at banner of website* Ah… wait… ahem. :P




    3fixme ,who cares about their opinions anyway


    the sci-fi plot was reasonably clever, but the humour was just so awkward and contrived that it can only be considered a disaster.”

    Surely a clever plot (even reasonably so) means it’s not a complete disaster? (I’m not saying I agree, just looking at it from their perspective. I did find a couple of jokes awkward actually, but there were others laugh-out-loud funny.)

    Still at least they didn’t repeat that old ‘League of Gentlemen’ nugget.


    It sounds very much as if the reviewer was expecting the style of old Dwarf and didn’t like the (relatively) new format. I suppose it’s understandable, but I can’t help thinking that he’s completely missing the point as to what they were trying to do.


    I think they respresent the 50% of the audience who expected to see the product devolve to the 90’s and bring back a format that was dated several years ago. Seeing Dwarf was aaaaalways at the front of innovation within it’s genre, it was clear that Back to Earth was going to go nowhere but forwards.

    Still, some people are just too stubborn to accept this, and will convince themselves that only blinkered fans can appreciate such a product. It’s like people who only apprecate Doctor Who when it’s either in black and white, or it has doors that make sounds like it’s been taken from Star Trek. Where as the other 50% can acknowledge that both eras of Who [and Dwarf] work well.

    Stabbim the Skutter

    I think Back to Earth has done a similar thing to the Tomb Raider film – the fans of the series loved it so much they made forums dedicated to Angelina Jolie’s bowel movements, but critics thought it was terrible. Since Chris Barrie was in both of them, maybe he has something to do with it.


    >repeat that old ?League of Gentlemen? nugget.

    The little brown fish?


    >The little brown fish?

    That would at least make a change.

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