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    I’ve posted this in the comments on Graham Linehan’s blog but thought I might post it here aswell:

    ” Old but:


    Find out whether you’re a big ol’ racist (and other things). Apparently 80% of white people are.



    IMO racists (and I mean real racists, not just people like my dad always whinging about the immigration laws) are a lower form of human being, animals if you will. Thousands of years of civilization and yet racism is still a massive problem. The fact that it still looms large is proof that the human race is ultimately doomed to total destruction. Frankly it bores the arse off me. Why can’t people grow up and move on?

    Ian Symes

    Why can?t people grow up and move on?

    We need change, and not a moment too soon.


    animals if you will

    I’m not sure that’s fair to animals.


    >Why can?t people grow up and move on?

    When you say: move on?

    A friend sent me this:
    “If you look in the Election candidate booklets you’ll see that the BNP is spewing their utterly vile dumbed down bollocks on the very first page. There are also soundbites from three supporters, a housewife, a builder, and a student. Guess which one I found on facebook?
    Samantha Winter says: ‘I’m voting BNP because I’m Irish and the BNP are the only party that cares about the indigenous peoples of these islands. Our jobs are under threat from economic migrants and only the BNP will protect our interests.’

    As long as she’s silly enough to leave her email address lying around, I think we should let her know how we feel…”

    And then some email addresses to harass. I haven’t because if your stupid enough to believe BNP rhetoric then nothing I say will make a difference.


    I once sat There while someone said she’d vote for the BNP IF they changed their name and policies.

    Actually this reminds me, I’ve also seen a link to a white supremacist forum telling people how they should pretend to agree with those against them. Was a while ago, wish I could find the post, if only to be more specific.


    That was bloody useless. According to the test results I prefer black people to white people because I was quicker with placing things into the “black people or good” category than the “white people or good” category. Yeah, or IT WAS BECAUSE THE “BLACK PEOPLE OR GOOD” CATEGORY CAME FIRST, YOU STUPID TIT, SO I HAD TO WORK AGAINST FAMILIARITY OF IT BEING THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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