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    Stephen Abootman

    There are some previously unheard (as far as I’m aware) lines of dialogue in this:

    Go to 13:00-13:30

    Skip forward to -12.25

    There’s also been a few ‘initiating crew analysis’ ads on Snapchat the last couple of days which I’ll attempt to post screenshots of after this.



    hearing Rimmer say “I’ve killed over a thousand people” sounds really weird tbh


    Stephen Abootman

    Can’t imagine this will work but here goes:

    “Initiating Red Dwarf crew analysis:
    Lister: lazy and disorganised
    Recommendation: immediate replacement”

    “Initiating Red Dwarf crew analysis:
    Kryten: Series model discontinued
    Recommendation: Recycle the parts”


    Stephen Abootman

    Well, 1 out of 2 working is more succcessful than when I usually attempt these things.

    Will try Lister one more time:



    What are those ads from?


    Stephen Abootman

    Snapchat, just appear randomly whilst browsing through people’s snaps.


    Seb Patrick

    Photobucket doesn’t let you link externally any more, but you could try Imgur or similar?


    Stephen Abootman

    Ah, didn’t realise that. Right then:


    Pete Part Three

    And they fixed Rimmer’s “Z-Watch”?


    Ben Saunders




    They got Kryten’s name right this time too.


    Stephen Abootman

    Here’s Rimsy:

    “Rimmer: caused major radiation leak killing the previous crew.
    Disciplinary action required.”




    Pretty sure that’s the Krytenizer he’s got his head in.



    Or it’s a cloche.


    Stephen Abootman

    My setting up of an imgur account for the sole purpose of posting these pics has seemed to have become an advert in itself as it’s had over 1500 views and various comments along the lines of ‘Red Dwarf is on this Thursday?’

    Therefore, viewing figure prediction for Cured = 8m.



    Why is the picture with the fewest views the only one with any comments?



    Ah, never mind.

    Why did you combine two pictures into one post though?


    Stephen Abootman

    There’s comments under the 2 lumped together as well
    But yeah, dunno why the Rimmer one has more, maybe best not to ask.


    Stephen Abootman

    I should have waited and gone for all 3, as is now tradition.



    I must say, ‘pleasedontbeshit’ is a very insightful comment.


    Ben Saunders

    Might be worth getting the word out on Reddit and the like because some people just won’t know there’s a new series on
    There are dwarf threads on 4chan occasionally and sometimes people on there are surprised to learn the show is to still going



    UKTV should just pay all of us for doing half their advertising for them.


    Seb Patrick

    TBH I’d be perfectly happy if 4chan didn’t watch Red Dwarf.


    Ben Saunders

    You don’t have to a be a raving right-wing loony with no taste to post on 4chan, but it helps.

    /tv/ is about the only place on the internet I can go to discuss Doctor Who with likeminded individuals and not want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon at everybody’s three-very-specific-series-of-nuWho-centric opinions.


    Stephen Abootman

    Breaking news: Just had a Cat themed XII advert on Spotify with some new dialogue. More on this story as it develops.

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