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    in stasis leak we discover that lister from 5 years in the future has just married kochanski,then why would he leave her aboard red dwarf knowing full well that she is going to be killed in a matter of weeks, or have i missed something, is she infact a kochanski from the future aswell ect ect, i jus find it wierd that she would stay or that he would let her stay knowing that her death was imminent,


    and i have spelt dilemma wrong . . oh dear

    Tyrell Corporation

    Because he is a typical scouser.



    I always got the idea that they would get married there and they had a way of going back to the future, this would mean Lister from the future on the Dwarf in ‘The End’.

    I thought of a plot hole for ‘Timeslides’, if Lister ereased himself from going to Red Dwarf which stopped Kryten coming aboard how did Rimmer go back in time in the slide since the slide woulldn’t exist since Kryten never came aboard to discover the mutated developing fluid.


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    “Shoot me.”

    Is that before or after you retrieve the gauntlet?


    as for continuity dilemmas… when the leak wipes out the crew, Lister has been on board Red Dwarf for six months… and if the radiation leak occurs in late March (I know the date is disputed), he had only been on board since October… so how did the incident with Rimmer lead to Lister spending “the summer in traction”? He didn’t meet him until October.

    Also, if Lister is in his early 20s in ‘The End’ and had been working for JMC for six months, how could he have left his previous job “after ten years” as mentioned in the captain’s notes? What was he, working when he was 10yrs old?

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