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    Tarka Dal




    Carbug is starting to sound like a childrens cartoon.


    Tarka Dal

    You’re starting to sound like a children’s cartoon.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    Karl wins.


    Jonathan Capps

    G&T Admin

    This really, honestly better be AMAZING. The ending to season 3 was close to perfect…


    Zombie Jim Undead

    Though the end of 3 was brill…they never originally planned to end it after just 3 seasons did they?

    Plenty more mileage I reckon. The thought of a movie makes my banana stand.



    >This really, honestly better be AMAZING.

    I have complete and utter faith that it will be. Even though I’ve only discovered it recently, Arrested Development stands apart from other shows with comparable numbers of episodes by not actually having a truly bad one anywhere in the mix.

    Obviously I like some episodes more than others, but every single one of them is priceless…mainly because the cast is so strong. It’s a delight to spend time with these characters even the in weakest episodes. I think a massive two-hour episode of the show would be just…fucking…wonderful.

    I so want to let Jason Bateman fuck me.



    A lot of humour in Arrested Development comes from running gags and repetition which will be hard to carry over into a standalone movie.

    Doesn’t mean it won’t be good (I fucking love the series!) just that it will probably be different.



    Never seen an episode. Maybe I will eventually.



    Don’t just watch one, watch a couple to get into it. Then you’ll probably love it. It can be hard to tap into if you only watch one.


    Seb Patrick

    How many times is Jeffrey Tambor going to say “The Arrested Development movie is definitely happening” and it get reported as something NEW?

    I thought it was confirmed months ago that it’s going ahead.



    I think the news is more that it’s happening “this year” (as opposed to, “It’ll happen sometime”) and also Michael Cera no longer being a ninny.



    Tambor actually made that statement a while ago, I remember reading it at the time and then about a week later, I read an interview ith Cera saying that he was unsure about doing it and that he’d have to see a script and that it was only a ‘speculative’ project in the first place.

    And then more recently there was another article (on Digital Spy) where apparently Cera was now “officially onboard” the AD movie.


    Seb Patrick

    Right now I would rather Cera concentrates on Scott Pilgrim than Arrested Development. Sorry, but true story.



    Scott Pilgrim starts shooting very soon though, right? That would still leave the whole rest of the year for another project…obviously I’d like both of them to turn out great, and I’m optimistic about the results.

    In a related note, Sebbo, is Scott Pilgrim done, as a series, or are new books still being published? I did some cursory research to find out for myself but didn’t find anything conclusive. I’d like to start reading them to psych myself up for the movie.


    Seb Patrick

    New books are still being published – book five (of six) is actually due out on WEDNESDAY in American comic shops (Thursday in UK ones, and some undetermined time after that in regular bookshops and Amazon etc.) The film is going to cover all six books, which will be weird, since he hasn’t even started six and it’ll be a good year or more before it’s out (the last few have been about 18 months apart each, I think).

    But there is NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER FOR NOT GOING OUT AND BUYING ALL OF IT STRAIGHT AWAY. Seriously, it’s THE BEST THING EVER. Especially if you like Edgar Wright, because it’s basically just a Canadian version of Spaced. It’s just wonderful. It’s warm, it’s funny, it’s filled with brilliant characters, it’s got more videogame references (including TWO Monkey Island ones) than you can shake a red Rickenbacker bass at, the art is brilliantly expressive despite its simplicity, it’s just… oh, god, it’s my favourite thing in the world, no kidding.

    I am pathetically, hopelessly excited about getting book five on Thursday.


    Seb Patrick

    It’s crazy how different the characters look in the books now compared with that ad, but still.


    Seb Patrick

    And to expound in rather better fashion on why it’s so good, here’s James’ review of book four :



    I’ll have to check my local book store to see if they have it. (My town doesn’t have a comic shop, sadly.) I’ve heard all very good things and the art style appeals to me, so wish me luck in finding it without too much hassle.


    Seb Patrick

    It looks like they’re fairly straightforward to get from Amazon… book one looks like it has a delay but the others look fine. If I were you, I’d buy the first two first, because I promise that every time you finish one, you’ll be desperate for the next.

    (of course, for reasons that will only become apparent when you read book one, it would be rather more appropriate to get them from…)


    Ben Paddon

    I bought the first book at PAX last year. Then I went back and bought the second and third books the next day because the first one was so awesome. Book four currently sits on my Wishlist, waiting for some kind soul to buy it for me.

    Because I’m unemployed.



    Trust Tambor.

    Oh dear.

    I have complete and utter faith that it will be.

    Oh dear.

    I think a massive two-hour episode of the show would be just…fucking…wonderful.

    Oh dear.

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