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    Best film

    Best British film
    This is England

    Leading actor
    Daniel Day-Lewis – There Will Be Blood

    Leading actress
    Marion Cotillard – La Vie En Rose

    Supporting actor
    Javier Bardem – No Country For Old Men

    Supporting actress
    Tilda Swinton – Michael Clayton

    No Country For Old Men – Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

    Original screenplay
    Juno – Diablo Cody

    Adapted screenplay
    The Diving Bell and the Butterfly – Ronald Harwood

    Film not in the English language
    The Lives of Others

    Animated film

    Carl Foreman award for special achievement by a British director, writer or producer in their first feature film
    Matt Greenhalgh (writer) – Control

    La Vie En Rose – Christopher Gunning

    No Country For Old Men – Roger Deakins

    The Bourne Ultimatum – Christopher Rouse

    Production design
    Atonement – Sarah Greenwood, Katie Spencer

    Costume design
    La Vie En Rose – Marit Allen

    The Bourne Ultimatum – Kirk Francis, Scott Millan, Dave Parker, Karen Baker Landers, Per Hallberg

    Special visual effects
    The Golden Compass – Michael Fink, Bill Westenhofer, Ben Morris, Trevor Wood

    Make-up and hair
    La Vie En Rose – Jan Archibald, Didier Lavergne

    Short animation
    The Pearce Sisters – Jo Allen, Luis Cook

    Short film
    Dog Altogether – Diarmid Scrimshaw, Paddy Considine

    The Orange Rising Star award (voted for by the public)
    Shia LaBeouf

    Academy Fellowship
    Sir Anthony Hopkins

    Outstanding British contribution to cinema
    Barry Wilkinson

    Pete Part Three

    Lovely stuff.


    Now…. Still dont get the Best Film/Best British Film thing… It never has made any sense. But both my TOP choices.

    The Golden COmpass for Special Effects??? WHAT? Pirates was an outstanding achievment!

    Tom Wilkinson deserved best supporting actor. Hands down.

    And the Atonement score is superb! WHY NO AWARD?

    Generally though, most I agree with.

    Highlight of the night… the numerous reactions of Jeff Goldblum! Legend.


    Because its not voted by the public, its voted by the industry?


    > Shia LaBeouf

    This was voted by the public, and all I can say is… ARRRRRRRRRRRGH


    James… I know that. Bafta? Clue is in the title.

    What I mean is they’re both british films. I dont get how that works. It’s been commented on alot of websites.


    > > Shia LaBeouf

    > This was voted by the public, and all I can say is? ARRRRRRRRRRRGH

    The Shia backlash totally baffles me. He’s a likable, talented performer, he’s got really decent comic timing, and there’s no doubt his star was on the rise this year. Surely that qualifies him for the award that he got?

    As to differentiating between ‘Best Film’ and ‘Best British Film’, it’s always bothered me – the issue being that his ghettoises ‘British’ as being ‘not good enough to compete for the top prize’. But you reconcile that with the fact that it’s BAFTA – it’s there to promote the British film arts, and it wants to make sure there’s a guaranteed prize for the are they’re trying to encourage.

    But this year – we have Brit films winning both categories. How does the winner of one not with both?

    And the way we reconcile THAT is to say that one is the favourite overall film, but the British winner specifically embodies something about ‘British cinema’. The joke being that, in other years, Atonement – a costume drama – would have been said to have those values.


    > The Shia backlash totally baffles me. He?s a likable,

    Well, that’s your opinion – I think he’s a jerk.

    > talented performer,

    I’m not convinced.

    > he?s got really decent comic timing,

    Never thought about it, I’ll have to see about that some time.

    Up to now, I think as an actor he’s… mediocre, but I’d already decided to wait for Indy 4 before final judgement.

    Pete Part Three

    You’ve got to admit; the guys got range.



    Anyway, I kind like the guy….or maybe it was just Transformers….mmmmmm….Nar, I like both.


    > Well, that?s your opinion – I think he?s a jerk.

    Okay, you can’t just leave that hanging! What’s that based on? Do you mean on-screen or off-screen? Because ‘jerk’ suggests this is about ‘the guy’ rather than ‘the work’. (In the same way that Sean Connery’s a jerk, but he’s also an Oscar winning legend.)

    A lot of the backlash seems to be because he got famous fast while being, generally, wisecracking and young? I get why that irritates people, but it doesn’t bug me at all.

    If based on the work, what’s the problem? If it’s just a taste thing, fair enough – though ‘irritating’, ‘wooden’ or ‘unlikable’ would seem more appropriate than a personal slight like ‘jerk’ if that’s the case. (I used to find Clive Owen flat and uninspiring as an actor, then one day I just kinda…tuned into what he was doing, and now I really enjoy watching him.)

    I found Shia really accessible and tonally spot-on in Bay’s Transformers flick. Plus he was fab in Holes, which is one of the best kids movies ever. But if it’s just a taste thing, fair enough – just wondering what sparks a negative reaction rather than an average/indifferent one?


    I my god! I completely forgot he was in Holes…good film! The whole story line reminded me of a drama series called the Slave Story (I think) about the journey of a boy taken from Africa to be a slave in America, after a few years he ends up working on a big farm and then finally legit it way…don’t know what happened next as I couldn’t find the rest of the series, but I imaged that maybe that could have been a way it could have ended.

    Sigourney Weaver was good in that as the bad guy. It’s was a great change for her I think. It’s another film like The Goonies where the kids just come together to find the treasure…sticks in your mind.


    Saoirse Ronan should have got best supporting actress. Ah well, even though it wasn’t an “effects” film, it still helps Mike having Atonement on his CV even more now. Ho for the Oscars!


    > Do you mean on-screen or off-screen? Because ?jerk? suggests this is about ?the guy? rather than ?the work?. (In the same way that Sean Connery?s a jerk, but he?s also an Oscar winning legend.)

    Yes, I mean from interviews. Maybe it’s only the impression *I* got, but to me he comes across as an arrogant, full of himself prick. Certainly not likable.

    His on-screen performance… well, most things with him I haven’t seen, but what I have (including Transformers) just didn’t impress me. So, in the context of “the big screen”, not good, not bad, mediocre. :\


    > The Golden COmpass for Special Effects??? WHAT? Pirates was an outstanding achievment!

    I’m guessing Compass had more British involvement so they favoured it. Pirates probably won last time anyway (and so they should have, if only for the amazing Davey Jones)


    > Certainly not likable.

    I meant on-screen, when acting. As an accessible performer with whom an audience can identify and empathatise.

    It’s rare, if ever, that you’ll see me comment about ‘the person’ rather than their work.

    Seb Patrick

    I’ve not seen Shia in much (amusingly, he was the yellow kid in an X-Files Rachel showed me a little while back), but given how much of a slap-in-the-face his character (as written/adapted) was in Constantine, he himself was remarkably un-annoying in it.

    From what I know of him, though, he strikes me as pretty good casting for what I know of the role in Indy IV…


    I quite liked transformers mainly for the big robots and effects. (Sad I know. The story actually wasn’t too bad but there was some major cheese in there.)

    I found the Shia La Beouf character irritating though. That not to say that he was poorly acted, in fact his acting was pretty good. I just didn’t like the character much.

    I haven’t seen Shia in much else that I remember, so it’s probably not fair to judge him until I do. (I’ve seen Constantine, but I didn’t know the actor and just didn’t recognize him.) From the interviews I saw on the transformers DVD, I admit my reaction was kind of like Marleen’s. Not that he was particularly nasty, but you know how some people can just rub you up the wrong way? To be fair that may be a fault with me rather than him though.

    Oh funny thing (well not that funny) when I first saw his name advertised in connection with Transformers I thought it was female. I thought it was the name of the actress who played the hot girl.


    I haven’t seen Transformers, I’ve only seen Shia in a kids show. Not an amazing piece of television, but it was clearly constructed around his comic abilities.

    He’s funny.

    Pete Part Three

    I think you’re referring to Even Stevens. I always found him slightly annoying in this; over-playing his lines in much the same way he does in Transformers. Haven’t seen any of his other stuff, mind.


    People should relax about his involvement in Indy 4. Spielberg can direct.

    Mr Flibble

    Can I just point out that Juno is great?

    Seb Patrick

    Please do, because it is.

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