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    Please list here the best and worst members of the Ganymede & Titan forums. I’ll start:


    *…. Tumbleweed*


    Nobody. You’re all winners!



    Rob Grant’s daughter



    Also, I nominate this thread for hall of fame status



    You’re all cunts.



    Best: Whoever bans Jawscvmcdia


    Ben Kirkham

    Sgt. Smiley. Dodge Lister. Matt aka Not Here. Nancy Hemming. PecosPete.


    Ben Kirkham

    Symes! Hoare! Jones! Stephenson! Capps! Partridge? Find out tonight.



    Best: Dollar Pound

    Worst: Dollar Pound

    And the winner is….Dollar Pound


    International Debris

    New threads called ‘Best and Worst Members of G&T’ and ‘Timewave’ on the same day. How blessed we are.


    Flap Jack

    Best: smoke me a kipper, for starting the most successful (in a sense) G&T thread, and also for having the wisdom to not actually continue participating in it.

    Worst: Jawscvmcdia, for starting a thread which threatens to turn us all against each other when we should be celebrating what we have in common and engaging in healthy debate.

    And for having a difficult to spell username.



    I just call him, or her, Jaws Media.



    It’s said like Jaws CV McDia, surely



    Jewish Princess Diana


    Plastic Percy

    Best: Kexonplastic, for giving us a truly fantastic opportunity to buy PE bottles.

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