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    John Hoare

    Right, bear with me here. There’s a show Katy Hill used to present called Best Inventions, with a studio audience voting on… erm, which invention they think is best. Anyway, I’m sure I remember it looking like the location used for Justice World, and sure enough – that UKGameshows article says that the location was also used for Gamesmaster, and Time Hole says exactly the same:

    “Outside of the studio, the crew visited the Sunbury Pumphouse for the massive Justice Zone (a location later used to house Channel 4’s Gamesmaster).”

    So: has anyone got any pictures or clips from Best Inventions? As I recall, one of the wide shots they used to use is EXACTLY the same as the first shot we see inside Justice World…

    Pete Part Three

    If it had Katy Hill in it, I tended to avoid it like the plague.


    This is the only picture I could find.

    Tarka Dal

    I remember. I remember.

    I think, it was used in the series of Gamesmaster they did with Dexter Fletcher. God I wish they would bring back Gamesmaster.

    Ben Paddon

    If the quality of a new TV show would match the current quality of the magazine, I hope they never bring back Gamesmaster.


    Gamesmaster was bloody excellent! I went to the filming of one episode and it was fantastic :D


    The Gamesmaster magazine is awful these days. Bought it by mistake a little while ago.

    But the TV show was indeed excellent. Wish there was more of it online.

    These days there’s hardly anything that compares…with one notable exception.


    Consolevania is fucking brilliant. If you do nothing else with the rest of your life, check it out. And when you are judged, your existence will be deemed to have been worthwhile.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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