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    Hi all,
    could you please help me understand one line from the “Kryten” epizode? English is not my mother tongue and I am lost here.
    “You look like Clive of India! Or the one whose mum does use new biological biz!” I know who Clive of India was, but who is the other one? And what is meant by “biological biz”? It’s supposed to be hilarious and I’m not laughing :-(
    Thanks a lot!



    It’s a reference to washing powder comparison adverts, such as this where the promoted brand, like Daz, cleans your whites better than an unnamed competing brand. They often demonstrate using a child’s clothes and a mother relieved that she can get the stains out.


    Also, there’s a YouTube channel that archives washing powder adverts.




    Ah yes, the whiteness of his uniform! The commercials haven’t changed that much since then.


    International Debris

    Could anyone do a thread like this, but for several jokes in every single episode of Seinfeld?


    Plastic Percy

    It took me years to realise that Lister’s geography teacher wasn’t shagging a robot of Ganymede.


    Lord Flashheart

    Plastic Percy – You are not the only one on that front


    John Hoare

    G&T Admin

    Now I think about it, vibrator jokes are quite atypical for Dwarf, aren’t they?



    For me as a kid it was a joke from Hitchhiker’s Guide that threw me, the one where Ford says that going through Hyperspace is “unpleasantly like being drunk”, and when Arthur questions this, Ford says “Ask a glass of water.”

    I thought it had something to do with a glass of water not being alcoholic, and perhaps having a rivalry with drinks that are, rather than twigging the wordplay. In fairness I was about six when I first heard it.



    I literally just got that Hitch Hikers glass of water joke this year 25 years after I first heard it


    Seb Patrick

    Oh man, that’s one of the most beautiful jokes ever written, too.



    The one gag it took me absolutely years to get was the Brasseye one about it being “not so much the nineties as the yardanketies”.

    I think I actually had to see someone explain in writing what the “yardanketies” were for the penny to drop.


    Plastic Percy

    I’ve only just got it now. Thought it was something to do with the relative benefits of drinking a glass of water compared to the intoxicating, dehydrating qualities of an alcoholic beverage.



    Took me years for the penny to drop with “nein-ties/ja-danke-ties” as well, I wouldn’t worry.



    You mean I’m not alone?

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