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    Only one episode in. It’s great, and already looks set to be the bleakest thing on TV until Threads came along.

    Any notable Red Dwarf links/influence from Blake’s 7? An IMDb collaborations search only gives minor connections:

    – Charles “Queeg” Augins in an episode
    – John “Rimmer’s Dad (I)” Abineri in an episode
    – David “Not Einstein” Sterne in an episode
    – Jim Francis was visual effects designer on VIII and two series of Blake
    – Suzanne Jansen was make-up designer on series 1 and a series of Blake
    – Various background actors and stuntmen, mainly from Meltdown/Terrorform



    The Space Princess of Series 4’s “Gold” is in the debris field in Psirens, I think, definitely in a VI episode. Something that looks a heck of a lot like Orac too, but definitely isn’t, can be seen in Legion as well.

    I’m under the impression, right or wrong, that there are actually a lot more reused props/ships/assorted junk between it and Dwarf, along with other cast offs from BBC sci fi shows, I’d love if someone actually done a thorough search. I’d seen UFO mentioned as something that Blake’s 7 reused stuff from, as amazing as that would be, couldn’t see that myself.

    Watched B7 for the first time myself, just before Christmas.., seems I timed it just right as I watched the finale when it would’ve been broadcast on the 21st, just starting on it again actually. Absolutely bloody brilliant series, seems somewhat even more relevant now.

    Interesting that, to me, you can see so much of it’s DNA inherited by later shows (Firefly, Babylon 5, even Trek, etc that’s not even mentioning Avon, Zen, or Servalan, all ground breakers for their respective character types) yet, this is where it all originated…



    Thanks! It was a major influence on Farscape, which is why I wanted to watch. Though sometimes it’s just a dysfunctional Star Trek and the last one I saw shamelessly plagiarised the Death Star jailbreak from Star Wars, so the influence worked both ways. I can’t really see how Charles Augins is going to be in this, since black people don’t seem to exist in the canon.



    As I remember, Charles Augins doesn’t appear until Series 4 of Blake’s 7. He was also in the movie Revenge Of The Pink Panther, if you’re looking for other things to spot him in



    Farscape! Never seen it actually but it’s the one other that I’ve heard specifically mentioned but couldn’t remember.

    Duel struck me as a pretty naff Star Trek TOS Arena copy but once it got going it did it’s own thing, it says a lot to the strength of the characters and the actors that even in the worst B7 has to offer (not that I think Duel is bad), there are some fantastic character moments, not going to be specific yet without ruining anything haha. Star Wars was always cited as an influence as they came out within weeks of each other, wait till you get to season 4 and the Wars similarities go through the roof. Watching the extra’s they had the same budget as the previous BBC show they took the time slot of, something like £50 which is both ridiculous but says a lot that it stills look great (..I know., someone’ll shoot me for that)

    Lack of “Ethnic diversity” I’d put down to maybe the quiet racism of the Federation? Hadn’t even thought about it till now but the only non white people you see, apart from an oriental officer in one ep, are all rebels or exiles (Dayna being the latter.., you’ll see her soon enough)

    Not trying to ruin it for you but while I’d say season 1 is more consistent and realistic season 2 has got some great moments coming up, also possibly the first instance of a story arc for a sci fi show? (Dr Who’s key to time was aired just after I think?)



    I loved episodes 1 & 2 but haven’t been hugely enjoying it since, especially the really bad ones. One of the only things I’d heard about the series in the past is that it has some kind of legendarily grim bloodbath ending, so that’ll keep me going all the way (if it’s even accurate).

    I rambled about Farscape on here a while ago – similarities are a stolen ship of escaped prisoners, Federation/Empire style villains and a less sexy Servalan, just that basic premise. It takes about half a season to find its voice and stop being really generic, but by the end of the first year it’s compulsive viewing and one of my favourite shows. I’d say it’s a lot sillier/crazier than Blake’s 7… but then B7 had ‘The Web.’



    >I loved episodes 1 & 2 but haven’t been hugely enjoying it since, especially the really bad ones.

    Yeah, I pretty much felt the same when I watched it tbh. I think after episode 4 I just gave up trying to watch it consecutively and just started watching episodes at random

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