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    Hey folks

    Got my blu-ray steelbook of series XI through today, it’s lovely. However, there’s a pretty HUGE mistake on the back of the box. It lists the titles of the episodes, but I’m pretty sure these are the titles for series XII episodes, it’s certainly not the ones for series XI!

    Would it be breaking the rules for me to post them?

    Bit of a big error that isn’t it?!


    “Details revealed via Dave, Grant Naylor or Baby Cow can and will be discussed openly;” – G&T XI & XII spoiler policy
    This is very revealed via Dave, Grant Naylor or Baby Cow if you ask me, but if you wanted you could wait for an official G&T representative to come along and tell you their opinion.

    Ian Symes

    Hmm. Could you perhaps email a photo to admin@ganymede.tv please?


    Hello! I will indeed do that. I’m out of the house at the moment but will be back around midnight when I’ll happily do it. I will in the meantime send the titles themselves in an email with a screenshot of my initial post on Gallifrey Base.

    Yaron Ru

    Where did you order from?


    Preordered from Amazon pretty much as soon as it was listed!


    Here’s a good tip for Amazon orders you want to arrive early if you’re not a Prime member, which is what I did to nudge XI my way early – if the order’s going to be more expensive for them to send Royal Mail, they’ll always send it Prime couriered instead anyway for no extra charge. I’d had my eye on the lovely (and heavy) Art Of Aardman book for Christmas so ordered it together with XI and lo and behold they both turned up this morning.

    So, if you want a pre-ordered disc early from Amazon, and you’re a cheapskate, add a heavy book you hadn’t got around to buying yet. PRIME HEIST.


    I have Prime until next Tuesday (got it half price for a year, hoping they do the same offer this year).

    It did not arrive today. Which is a bit annoying. It is still saying as not dispatched.


    I’m amazed. Utterly amazed. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is the timeline of errors going forward:

    April 2017: Series XII is leaked.
    June 2017: XII Special Features leaked.
    September 2017: Series XII released on UKTV Play.
    November 2017: Series XII airs on Dave.
    December 2017: Series XII DVD/BD released, Blu-Ray cover contains synopsis for Series XIII; refers to Rimmer as “Grodan Brittas” (mis-spelling intentional).
    Feburary 2018: Series XIII Rushes leaked, despite only having been filmed an hour before.
    June 2018: Any and all Red Dwarf thoughts are leaked from Doug Naylor’s brain onto a twitter account.
    October 2018: Vindalunar II collides with the ISS

    Anyway, the titles themselves. They’re alright, though Here No Evil doesn’t look right (It’s the punwork, man, I’m telling ye.) The rest are alright, though I’d argue Time Wave’s the only Dwarfy title of the bunch, with maybe M-Corp also, surprisingly. (Maybe it reminds me of Crapola Inc or even the JMC. It certainly reminds me of M People).


    Goddamnit I meant to post that on the main article.

    One of these days you’re gonna have to fix the edit function. You’re making us look like we don’t know what the hell we’re doing!


    I was going to say that we don’t, but it’s not really necessary.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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