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    Ben Paddon

    It’s called “Fool’s Day” and it’s available to download as an MP3 or an uncompressed WAV from TheLeen


    but the MP3 file cut off abruptly a minute too early, missing off the outro solo (which is possibly the best bit of the song!). Maybe their webmasters have corrected that by now.

    I got the mp3 and it nicely fades out after 3 minutes something, mine is complete with solo and all.

    Tarka Dal

    > Effortlessly good, and a nice little throwback to the likes of For Tomorrow and Blue Jeans.

    Hmm interesting. I think I mentioned somewhere that No Distance Left to Run surprised me, very pleasantly, with the amount of time it spent on the Modern Life is Rubbish era and now this. Given that MLIR is not only my favourite Blur album, but arguably my favourite album period I’m really rather happy about this new/old sound.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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