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    Spare Hand One

    Just settling down to watch this week’s RHLSTP (rhlstp!) and it strikes me that Rachel Parris would make a rather good Holly.

    She reminds me of Hattie but very much, of course, brings her own thing. About 8 minutes into the episode, she even laments being given TV roles where “you’re not seen from the neck up.”

    Seriously, check it out and think Holly-shaped thoughts.

    (Yes, I know “casting a new Holly” is not the nicest thing to on the week we’re welcoming back Norm, but the idea struck me and it’s only a fantasy game and oh who cares anyway).



    Hair’s too long for a computer.



    Paul Putner. No question about it.



    Bill Bailey.



    Paul Putner. No question about it.



    i think Dave Benson Phillips would be good


    International Debris

    My vote is for Jawscvmcdia.


    Captain Bollocks

    I’m thinking Charles Augins.


    Taiwan Tony

    Nick Helm?



    Just keep Norman but have Rachel in another role!



    Jo Brand, although tbh she can do much, much better than this programme.



    what about Jimmy Nail


    Ben Saunders

    I quite like Hattie Hayridge


    Renegade Rob

    It would be kind of awesome to have both Norman and Hattie at the same time. We got a glimpse of that in Series 2, but how cool would it be to have 2 proto-Hollies running the ship and busting each other’s balls. It would be a great duo and something new.



    Richard Ayoade? Though he is probably too big for this program. Hoping he is the next DW though.

    ….Jo Brand? No thanks.

    Our drama group ran into her years ago and she was very up herself and we weren’t allowed autographs.

    Oh and this old chest nut.

    Miserable old beeeeeeeeeeep! Though to her credit she had a proper career before she was famous and not just some out of touch posh comedian.


    Ben Saunders

    I’m glad somebody else said “Jo Brand no thanks” so I didn’t have to. She does seem a bit “oooooooohhhhhhh [makes a face]”, doesn’t she? Bit too snarky for Holly. The Hollies we have do get a bit snarky, but for the most part they’re amiable with the crew and just in it for the banter



    My favourite Hollies episode is Beyond a Joke.

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