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    Birds of a feather commissioned series 13 Canceled by ITV.

    I think this elevates Red Dwarf into second place in longest running Uk sitcom by year of first broadcast. currently 1988 to 2017 besting feather by about a year.

    Equal by series count at 12, currently with feather maybe ahead by a special. So all the more reason for hoping RD XIII can be a thing. Just to clarify this!

    Shut up Children’s tv sitcoms are just kids shows. Adults are talking.

    Dwarf will never beat the number 1 though. The classic
    Three men in a bath. At 205 series. And still going strong now with lead cast jasper carrot,
    Nigel planner and a cgi hologram of Peter Sallis voiced by Ben Whitehead.


    Ben Saunders

    Calling Red Dwarf the “longest running” anything really stretches the meaning of the word “running”, doesn’t it?


    Pete Part Three

    It is to the TV Broadcasting, what Jimmy Saville was to marathons.


    International Debris

    Nothing will ever beat Summer Wine. Nobody in this day and age would be ludicrous enough to recommission a sitcom to run to 37 series.



    Not Going Out is catching up, a 10th series has been commissioned.


    International Debris

    Pretty impressive for a show that was originally cancelled after its third series.


    By Jove its holmes

    I think the REAL question is, which one of the Dwarfers would shag Dorian from BOAF ;)



    Rimmer, obviously. He’s the only one that ever gets any.


    By Jove its holmes

    I think the boys would react to Sharon and Tracy as if they were the skeletons from the Nova 5.


    Pete Part Three

    When I’m alone
    with only dreams of you
    that won’t come true
    what’ll I do?



    I now want to see a parody of the open title sequence with the Birds of the Feather theme playing


    By Jove its holmes

    A parody would be even better if they have shots of little girls and women like in the BOAF title sequence (Rimmer: Remember when we were little girls, Lister?)



    The Birds of a Feather theme has to be one of the saddest themes of any TV show ever, I don’t even like to hear it.

    Maybe it’s a combination of the song and some kind of repressed mid 90s memories, but goddamn that theme makes me miserable.


    By Jove its holmes

    BOAF always struck me as a poor man’s The Golden Girls with weaker scripts, acting and budget.


    Pete Part Three

    I’m about to say something nice about Birds of a Feather. The BBC’s opening credits sequence with the photos of the sisters as young girls, and at each other’s weddings while the theme plays is a brilliant piece of telly. I have finished saying something nice about Birds of a Feather.



    My mum loves it when people say she looks like Dorien from Birds of a Feather. She must have been delighted when they brought it back, to remind people who might have forgotten.



    I have finished saying something nice about Birds of a Feather.

    Good. Now don’t let it happen again.



    Bizarre to see it being criticised for its budget though. What more money did it need? It’s not like it’s full of spacewalk sequences that don’t hold up today or inadequately orchestrated motorbike chases.



    “We start off with people on a sofa in front of French Windows, right, and then we pull back and reveal that they’re actually in a living room.”


    Taiwan Tony

    I used to sing the theme tunes to Birds of a Feather and Cheers to my then-unborn daughter. But she doesn’t remember.

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