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    Steve Harris

    OK, forget any comments I made about Norman being not as good as he may think…

    That was a great performance and he had the sparce but eager crowd eating out of his hand. It really was a great evening.

    Hattie kicked off with 40 minutes or so of her usual slightly manic observations of life and her ways in dealing with it. Despite comming across as nervous throughout, she entertained and went down well with the audience.

    Norman appeared after a short interval (time for a beer) and actually ushered the crowd closer to the stage so I was now in the second row, centre stage rather than at the side 8 rows back.

    This was a brilliant set and everyone lapped it up, I’m not giving any spoilers away but it surprised me how quick it all went, my mate said he could have listened to him all night and that about summed it up, he was very good and far better than I’ve seen him at DJ.

    The Q&A session was very much like DJ apart from the questions being written on pieces of paper and placed in a basket on stage, they answered every one in a fashion. Two questions about the movie met with sniggers from Norman but he did mention his copy of the script and Hattie suggested he copied them and sold them to fund the film. In all fairness, there were no negative comments about Dwarf and both displayed nothing but fondness for the show.

    The night ended with autographs and a chat (plus photos) very much like DJ and that added to the intimate feel of the whole night.

    All in all, an exceedingly good evening, top marks all round.

    The only down side was the poor advertising carried out by the Courtyard locally.
    Several people commented on this and a few said they had only heard about the show a couple of days before by word of mouth.


    This sounds great. Maybe I’ll try to catch them on the US leg, if they come anywhere near me.

    Ben Paddon

    They’re doing a US leg?

    Steve Harris

    I really hope that more people get to see this.

    For me, this kicks off a summer of entertainment and does so in style.

    Tonight, I’ve just got back from watching some local bands, ‘Distorted Waves’ and ‘The Dandelion Killers’ next weekend it’s Wembley, Radio one, The Foo’s, Supergrass and the Futureheads. With the ‘V’ festival booked for August, things are shaping up nicely. The local Friday night ‘comedy club’ and several ‘Live’ music events means I should be busy for a while yet.

    I only mention this because Dwarf is still very much in my thoughts despite there being more to life.


    >They?re doing a US leg?

    Unless I’m going insane. I remember when the dates were announced that there were a few stops in the US. Let me go see if I can’t find it…

    Here we go:

    However I see now that those are CONVENTION dates, not actual stops for this tour. They’re doing them together, but it won’t be their show. Rats.


    Talking about headers (a bit off topic this post, but I understand that’s not a big issue on this board) what’s with the dracula type in the banner? Not a criticism, I’m just curious.

    John Hoare

    Talking about headers (a bit off topic this post, but I understand that?s not a big issue on this board) what?s with the dracula type in the banner? Not a criticism, I?m just curious.


    Scroll down…


    Ah. Gotcha. I didn’t recognize the face from the clipped banner above. Shame on me.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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